$1 Million Barn Find Discovered

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Of course, it was discovered by a master ...
When it comes to chasing barn cars, Tom Cotter literally wrote the book. The man is always entertaining when he sees Barn Find Hunter because he looks real. None of these characters that you can recognize are putting on a made-up show for the cameras. His knowledge of cars is immense, but his most important skill is that he knows how to talk to people and quickly gains their confidence. You will see all of them appear during the episode attached to this post.
Check out these barn finds that never stood a chance!
Photo credit: YouTube
This episode takes place in Southern California after a viewer contacted Tom about a rare car he kept in his garage. It's a 1952 Pegaso Z102, a car made in Spain but with French bodywork. The thing isn't complete, but neither does it rust or fall apart.
With only 85 Pegaso Z102s built, these are rare beasts which is why so many people have never heard of them. This one is number 35 and to believe that it was buried under a garbage in a garage is just amazing in several ways.
The good news is that while the car is missing pretty much all of the parts, it appears to be scattered with the junk surrounding it. This includes the Hemi V8 and the gearbox, both of which appear to be original from the factory. A full restoration of the car was planned, although this may not be finished yet.
Photo credit: YouTube
As usual with these episodes, Tom investigates a few other locations with interesting finds, most of them classic American drives, including a 1974 Plymouth Road Runner GTX.
Granted, this is an old episode of Barn Find Hunter, but maybe you didn't understand it or you forgot what happened. Definitely worth looking at again, especially in the days of so much social turmoil where there is a lot of bad to focus on. Plus, it's on the show from the start so you can see what's changed and what's not. Give it a try and marvel at the million dollar barn find he discovers.
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