10 mental health podcasts that help make struggles with depression, grief, autism, and other conditions easier to manage

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Podcasts provide a way to connect with similar stories and struggles, and often add humor to situations that feel difficult.
The right podcast can also give you tips on how to find solace and serenity in anything you grapple with.
Whether it's the unique trials of being a black woman, dealing with grief, or just determining exactly what might actually bring you happiness in life, these podcasts can help.
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Between pandemic fears, political unrest, social conflicts, economic instability and the basic stresses of everyday life, this year there is no shortage of reasons to feel mentally and emotionally overloaded. Aside from the 51.5 million Americans diagnosed with mental illness, 78 percent of adults said they felt stressed in the past year, 61 percent said they felt lonely, and 48 percent felt after doing various things Polls and studies dejected and hopeless in 2020.
According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they don't get enough mental health support. In addition to putting a strain on your daily well-being and relationships, this increase in negative mental states also has a significant impact on your physical health: studies have shown that those who suffer from mental health problems over a long period of time are at a higher risk of from developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
Sure, there are many ways for someone to seek help. Therapy, journaling, and daily exercise can help relieve stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. However, an often overlooked and simple help is listening to a podcast, whether you are on a long drive, a slow day at work, or even just sitting on the couch and decompressing.
How Can Podcasts Help Mental Health?
"In the busy world we live in, we can forget the basics of connecting with ourselves, other people and the community," said psychologist Dr. Juliet Anton, who holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy from the University of Surrey. Britain, insider said.
However, listening to podcasts offers many ways to connect and maintain or even improve our mental wellbeing.
Tuning into any type of episode is an opportunity to connect inwardly as you listen and focus on the words and make connections to unknown areas of the world.
Listening to an episode that goes down particularly well - be it about battling depression, creative solutions to anxiety, reaching the end of your emotional rope at work - has the added benefit of allowing you to connect with others when they are similar Experience convey your own. And that can change your whole point of view:
"Other people's stories can be very important in understanding and maintaining our own mental health," said Dr. Anton. "Listening and sharing experiences gives people confidence that they don't have to manage things themselves and that there is a reason for the thoughts, emotions and behaviors they are experiencing."
However, with over 1.5 million podcasts with more than 34 million individual episodes, it's understandable if you're not sure where to start. To help, I've listened to a number of podcasts devoted to improving and maintaining mental wellbeing and selected some of the best that your ears (and mind) can enjoy.
Here are 10 podcasts to support your mental health:
The happiness laboratory
The happiness laboratory
We have many ideas about what makes us happy, from identifying with a particular social group to owning the newest and best. But as the psychologist and Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos, Ph.D., revealed on this podcast, many of the things we do to increase our happiness are actually counterproductive.
After taking her hugely popular Psychology and the Good Life class at Yale University, Dr. Santos encouraging an audience of more than just their students to ponder what exactly is happiness. And she does a great job: asking questions like "Is happiness contagious?" and "Is positive thinking really useful?" are there to stimulate new trains of thought; While science reveals the behaviors and tactics that actually help improve your happiness.
Hear it on The Happiness Lab website.
We generally think mental health revolves around anxiety, depression, and maybe even eating disorders. In reality, it's about much, much more: factors like identity, relationships, sex, empathy, and shame play a role in our mental state. We as a society need to broaden our perspective and consider each of these factors equally - which is what host Bobby Temps wants to inspire in this award-winning podcast.
In each episode, Temps and a guest deal with a different mental health state and the factors that affect it - including unexpected gamers like art, sex, and gardening. Mentally covers a spectrum of topics, and there is an episode that anyone can relate to or relate to - be it from your own struggles or to better understand the struggles of your family or friends.
Listen on the Mental website.
The hilarious world of depression
The hilarious world of depression
They say laughter is the best medicine - and if you're struggling with depression, this podcast is meant to be the tonic you need. Here, presenter John Moe jokes with entertainers and listeners about everything from uncomfortable therapy sessions to absurd film presentations, but without ever mocking those affected.
Not only is this podcast a reminder that if the Black Dog is a huge part of your life, you are not alone, but that Moe and the company have readily available advice on how to make dark days brighter. I especially loved the episode titled "Your Amazing Therapeutic Jukebox" (dated September 17, 2018), where listeners share songs that improve and uplift their spirits.
Listen to Apple and Google.
The Mental Health Alliance
Mental Health Alliance
Between the emotional roller coasters of puberty, the pressures of school, and entering the world of dating, your teenage years can really strain your mental state and expand your limits of resilience. But it is possible this time to navigate and get to the other side in one piece - as the five high school graduates who organize the Mental Health Alliance want to demonstrate.
Each episode addresses common issues like low confidence, external (and self) judgment, and insecurity, as well as how (realistically) to approach and why it's okay to feel exhausted from all of this. Although the hosts are still in their teens, in some places they seem to be wise beyond their years. Whether you're a teen looking for moral support or an adult looking for real-life perspectives on the challenges Gen Z faces.
Listen to Spotify.
Therapy for black girls
Therapy for black girls
From workplace prejudice and intergenerational trauma to fertility and body image, mental health issues are just some of the many barriers black women face. And with factors such as the lack of black therapists and cultural scars preventing many black women from seeking psychiatric help, the need for a warm ear or applicable advice is real.
In this incomparable podcast, the presenter (and culture lover) Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D., accompanied by a number of seasoned psychologists and counselors to address some of the biggest problems facing black women today. With her guests, Dr. Bradford also takes small steps to improve wellbeing and normalize mental health conversations for black women and all people alike.
Hear on the Therapy for Black Girls website.
In the barber chair
In the barber chair
For most men, "feelings" are not too high on the list of popular discussion topics. However, when it comes to mental health, the reluctance to open up means they are less likely to seek professional help and are at a higher risk of suicide.
It's time for change, and this podcast from the staff at Movember, an organization committed to raising awareness of key health issues in men, is on a mission to start important conversations.
In the episode, guests from sports, television, comedy, fashion, and technology openly discuss issues they have personally faced, including suicide, cancer, PTSD, fraud syndrome, social media negativity, and career pressure. Frank and honest reports instill a sense of camaraderie between guest and listener and confirm that it's okay - maybe even helpful! - so that men talk about their problems.
Listen to Spotify, Stitcher and Apple.
sleep with me
sleep with me
You know how grumpy you feel when you don't sleep well - but the real effects go much deeper than just fretting yourself for a few hours. Research has shown that regularly logging sleep disorders can lead to feelings of anger and irritability, but it also increases the frequency of anxiety and depression.
If you miss sleep a lot, this podcast could be your new best friend. In each episode, Drew Ackerman tells an hour-long bedtime story that gets increasingly boring, leaving the listener literally bored in their sleep. It sounds too simple to be effective, but with episodes totaling more than three million downloads each, they're definitely doing something right.
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Hear on the Sleep With Me website.
Mindfulness has become a trendy approach to stress relief, but this traditional practice is more than just a media-hyped fad: Countless studies show that it can improve overall life satisfaction, decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety, and improve our memories and attention spans.
Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned professional, this podcast offers guided sessions as short as four minutes - perfect if focusing isn't your forte. They are tailored to help in a variety of areas, such as: B. Relieve pain and loneliness, and promote awareness and forgiveness. Bonus Q&A sessions explore how mindfulness relates to broader social and cultural issues.
Listen to Acast.
Thoughtful Auti
Thoughtful Auti
Since the number of people diagnosed with autism is increasing rapidly, there is a good chance that you have had direct experience with the condition or know someone who does. Nevertheless, stereotypes and misinformation prevail.
For people with autism, things that many of us don't even think about can be obstacles: making friends, reading social cues, spending time in crowded places. In this podcast, autistic YouTuber Thomas Henley and his guests provide empathic support for those facing challenges related to autism. In the meantime, open but insightful discussions have set the record straight and given pointers on how we can be more inclusive of individuals in the spectrum.
Whether you want to hear that you are not alone with your experiences or you want to better understand the mindset of a friend or family member, Thoughty Auti is stimulating and informative listening.
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Mourning cast
There are four things that we often feel uncomfortable about: politics, religion, sex, and death. There is no escaping it, however, and the latter in particular can destroy our sanity as we move through the emotional consequences of loss. So what better approach to sparking the discussion than leaving fate and darkness behind and adopting a kinder demeanor?
Led by Cariad Lloyd, this podcast does just that. In each episode, a different comedian, writer, or broadcaster talks about significant loss and how they rode the waves of sadness. Some stories are highly competitive in some places, but laughing anecdotes bring ease into the process and, above all, help us reassess our own approaches to coping with grief.
Listen to Acast.
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