100 Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill in Kentucky and Now They Need Our Help

Kentucky rescued dogs
Logan County Sheriff's Office
Attention dog lovers: The Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky needs your help. The group was overwhelmed by dogs, all rescued from miserable conditions at a county puppy mill.
It all started when the Logan County Sheriff's Office received a tip about possible animal neglect. They went on a search and found a puppy mill where around 100 dogs and puppies were being kept in extremely poor conditions. According to Kentucky news station WKBO 13, the dogs were kept in cages stacked on top of each other and had very little food, and the poor puppies may never have seen the light of day.
According to a Facebook post by the Logan County Sheriff's Office, "The Logan County Sheriff's Office and Humane Society confiscated approximately 100 adult dogs and puppies from the property due to poor living conditions and medical neglect. All dogs will be housed at the Logan County Humane Society during this time where they will receive appropriate medical care."
While the puppies are all safe now, the shelter is struggling. "It's big enough in one day that we take 10 shots," Ray Wilson, director of the Logan County Humane Society, told WKBO. "Now multiply that by 10. Obviously it's going to take a lot of manpower, more than we can provide with our staff."
Aside from the sheer logistics of managing the dogs that have already been at the shelter and the 100 or so puppies that have been rescued from the breeding mill, it's an emotional challenge for a group of dog lovers.
"[It's] something that weighs heavily on every single person here," Wilson said. "Otherwise we wouldn't be here."
To help these many, many puppies, the shelter is now looking for locals who can help. For those further afield they take donations such as dog shampoo and puppy food, and financial donations are always welcome as they help cover the dogs' various expenses, including vet bills. For more information on donating or becoming a foster family, click here.
As of August 3, the shelter determined that several of these dogs required extensive medical attention.
We keep these puppies and their care teams in our thoughts and prayers.

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