11 charged in death of Virginia Commonwealth University student

Eleven people were charged in the death of a Virginia Commonwealth University student in February, Richmond Police said on Friday. Adam Oakes died in an off-campus house and his death was attributed to alcohol poisoning by the coroner.
Eight of the eleven have been arrested and the other three are due to surrender in the coming days, Richmond police said in a statement. Seven have been taken into custody by VCU Police and are being held at the Richmond Justice Center, where they are being detached. Enayat W. Sheikhzad, 22, was detained and released on bail by the Virginia State Police in Prince William County, police said. All eight are charged with offenses.
Of the eight, five people - Riley K. McDaniel, 21; Alessandro Medina-Villanueva, 21; Jason B. Mulgrew, 21; Christian G. Rohrbach, 22, and Sheikhzad - were charged with unlawful harassment of a student. The other three - Benjamin J. Corado, 19; Quinn A. Kuby, 22; and Colin G. Tran, 20 - face the same charges but have also been charged with buying or distributing alcohol to minors.
Top left: Riley K. McDaniel, 21; Benjamin J. Corado, 19; Colin G. Tran, 20; Christian G. Rohrbach, 22. From bottom left: Quinn A. Kuby, 22; Jason B. Mulgrew, 21; Alessandro Medina-Villanueva, 21. / Photo: Richmond Police Department
"We are grateful for the amount of justice these charges and arrests can bring, as well as the protection from harassment they can offer young, impressionable college students," the Oakes family said in a statement Friday. "The past 7 months have been excruciating for our family. This is the first time these young men have been held accountable for their historically toxic and destructive traditions, manipulation of the VCU disciplinary systems, and Adam's death."
"Don't tell us they're just 'boys', Adam was just a boy," added the family. "He had his whole life ahead of him. He will never have the same opportunities or future as these young men. He will never graduate from college, never get married, never have children, and never have the chance to grow into the person he is." it should be. They stole it from him. They stole it from us. "
Adam Oakes / Image Credit: GoFundMe
The 19-year-old student was found unavailable in an off-campus house in February. Oakes' family announced to CBS subsidiary WTVR-TV that they had just received an offer to join the Delta Chi Brotherhood.
After Oakes passed away, VCU ruled out the Delta Chi brotherhood, according to CBS subsidiary WTVR. The Richmond school issued a statement Friday saying it "continues to mourn" Oakes' death.
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