13 years after hunters found decomposing body, Wisconsin cops identify missing woman

A woman known only as "Jane Doe" since her body was discovered in Wisconsin in 2008 has now been clearly identified.
Fond du Lac County Sheriff Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt revealed the woman's identity on November 23, exactly 13 years after her decaying body was found by three hunters in a shallow creek in Ashford town.
Forensic technology, unavailable in 2008, caused authorities to identify the woman as Amy Marie Yeary, a woman from Rockford, Illinois who was 18 years old when she died in 2008, the sheriff said.
The cause of death of Yeary is not clear, Waldschmidt expressed his condolences to her family.
"As much as you wondered where Amy was, we wondered who Amy is," said Waldschmidt during a press conference on November 23rd.
After her body was found in 2008, authorities searched hundreds of missing persons files to identify the woman. She was buried in 2011 but exhumed in 2018 after experts recommended taking her bone, tooth and hair samples for newer forms of testing, the sheriff said.
Finally, DNA was collected from Yeary's mother and sister and their dental x-rays were compared to confirm their true identities.
Yeary's mother said her daughter called her in 2008 and wanted a ride home, but the mother couldn't help her at the time, according to Waldschmidt. The mother never heard from her daughter again after that summer phone call.
While Yeary's family went to find Amy on their own, no missing persons report was ever filed, the sheriff said.
According to Waldschmidt, Yeary was a victim of human trafficking and spent time in Milwaukee and Chicago in the weeks leading up to her death.
"The identification of Amy Yeary is a huge step forward in this complex and ongoing investigation, but there is still much work to be done to find out how or why she lost her life," said the sheriff.
Anyone with information about Yeary's death is encouraged to contact the Fund du Lac County Sheriff's Office at 920-929-3380.
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