13 years after Madeleine McCann went missing, investigators believe they have a credible suspect

Three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from her bed while on vacation in 2007. Now investigators believe they have a credible suspect who may know what happened to McCann. Peter Van Sant joins CBS This Morning to investigate this suspect for this week's “48 Hours”.
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- This week's "48 Hours" investigate a new child disappearance suspect who made international headlines. Madeleine McCann was only three years old in 2007 when she disappeared from bed while vacationing with her family at a resort in Portugal. "48 hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant is investigating the German suspect Christian Brueckner and why the authorities think he might know what happened.
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PETER VAN SANT: In May 2007, British doctors Gerry and Kate McCann were on vacation with their children at a beach resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Like every evening, the McCanns let their children sleep in their apartment and went to dinner with friends about 50 yards away. Jane Hills is a BBC news anchor who covered Madeleine's story.
JANE HILL: And the friends took turns looking after their sleeping children.
PETER VAN SANT: At 10:00 p.m., when it was Kate's turn, she found this bed, Madeleine's bed, empty.
KATE MCCANN: Please, please don't hurt her. Please don't scare them. Please tell us where we can find it.
- Madeleine, Madeleine, Madeleine, Madeleine.
PETER VAN SANT: Despite a global media storm, multinational search and investigation, years passed with no answers until last June.
- A German prisoner has been identified as a new suspect in Madeleine McCann's disappearance.
PETER VAN SANT: The German authorities in Braunschweig have announced this.
Interpreter: The defendant is a sex offender with several previous convictions.
PETER VAN SANT: The suspect's name is Christian Brueckner.
MARK HOFFMAN: He's absolutely the profile of a person who could potentially kidnap and / or kill a little girl like Madeleine McCann.
PETER VAN SANT: Mark Hoffman is a Germany-based crime and intelligence analyst.
MARK HOFFMAN: The night Maddie disappeared, his cell phone was found next to the crime scene.
PETER VAN SANT: Jim Gamble, former director of the UK Center for the Exploitation and Online Protection of Children, is hoping that this tragic case can finally be resolved.
JIM GAMBLE: For the first time in 13 years I have to say that here I actually feel like a credible suspect.
PETER VAN SANT: And the big breakthrough in this case came in 2017 when Brueckner, in a drunken confession, told a friend that he knew what happened to Madeleine McCann.
- Wow, Peter, thanks. Powerful story, hope there is news. And you can check out Peter's report, "The Puzzle Solving, the Madeleine McCann Case" tomorrow night at 10: 00/9: 00 Central here on CBS on "48 Hours".
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