14% of Americans Own Crypto Right Now – Here’s Who’s Actually Doing It Right

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Gemini Crypto Exchange today released its Crypto Report for the US state 2021, finding that today's “average” crypto investor is a 38-year-old man with an annual income of around $ 111,000.
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With the number of crypto investors set to double this year, according to the report, that profile could change. Today, more than 21.2 million adults, or about 14% of the US population, own cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Gemini's research found that around 13% of respondents intended to purchase digital assets within the next 12 months.
Who are the crypto investors of tomorrow? Individuals with a median age of 44 and an annual salary of approximately $ 107,000. However, according to the results of the study, there may still be some women on the list. Of the 63% of adults who say they are "crypto-curious" 53% are women. These people say they are interested in investing in digital assets but want to learn more first. 26 percent of current US crypto owners are women.
The majority (74%) of cryptocurrency holders are between 25 and 44 years old today, with another 19% between 45 and 55 years old.
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Education appears to be a crucial part of crypto growth for both investors and the "crypto-curious". Of the 3,000 respondents, 77% said they wanted to learn more about crypto, even if they already own cryptocurrency.
Of those surveyed who say they already own crypto, 33% consider themselves "very knowledgeable," while 12% say they are extremely knowledgeable. Forty-four percent say they are somewhat knowledgeable, while 11 percent of current investors rate themselves as “not very knowledgeable”.
Somewhat surprisingly, 39% of those curious about crypto classify themselves as “something” or “a lot” who are familiar with cryptocurrency. However, 60% rate their level of knowledge as very low, 46% state that they are “not very well informed” and 14% state that they are “not at all well informed”.
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From this data, the Gemini report extrapolates that "the vast majority of crypto investors take the time to thoroughly understand this area before investing". The report also states, "The potential" next wave "of crypto buyers will continue to be informed and well researched about the purpose and potential of crypto."
With the crypto market slipping this week, it will be interesting to see if the number of investors rises above Gemini's predictions or if the crypto-curious population continues to watch and learn until they feel more confident about making informed investment decisions.
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