15 Marvel superheroes and villains we want to see in the MCU

Collage of Captain Britain, Miles Morales, Mr. Sinister and Spider-Woman cartoon images

Clockwise from bottom left: Mr. Sinister (Powers of X/Artist: R.B. Silva), Captain Britain (Excalibur/Artist: Mahmud Asrar and Matthew Wilson), Miles Morales (Marvel Tales/Artist: Joshua "Sway" Swayby), and Spider -Woman (Spider Woman/Artist: Jung-Geun Yoon)
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding since Tony Stark first donned his Mark I armor, and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. With plans for phase five and beyond recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con, the shared universe based on the world of Marvel Comics will see multiple films and interconnected Disney+ TV every year for the foreseeable future - Publish series. So if you like the MCU, it feels like the ride is still picking up speed.
Of course, each new project brings the opportunity for new characters to join the MCU and, in many cases, take part in a live-action adaptation for the first time. Marvel characters jumped onto the big and small screens before the dawn of the MCU, but Marvel Comics has continued to tell stories since the Fantastic Four debuted in 1961. That means decades of storytelling and thousands of characters with live-action potential are still on the horizon.
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With the recently announced movies Secret Wars, The Kang Dynasty, and Thunderbolts, we can't help but wonder: What other comic book characters fit well into the MCU, and how might they fit into the unfolding narrative as they evolve weaves new threads into larger stories? The possibilities are endless, but The A.V. Association has some ideas. From a burly teenage supergenius to an underrated team of villains, we've compiled a list of 15 Marvel characters worthy of a live-action debut in the MCU.
Amadeus Cho
Amadeus Cho on the cover of Awesome Hulk #1

Awesome Hulk #1 (Artist: Frank Cho)
From shows like Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and the upcoming Ironheart, it's pretty clear that the MCU is focused on beefing up its roster of younger heroes after years of focusing on a core group of adults. There are of course many characters that fit this bill (we'll get to one of them in a moment), but one of the most exciting is Amadeus Cho. His time in the Marvel Universe is still less than two decades, but in just a few years he's made a huge impact and done a lot of cool stuff.
A super-brilliant Korean-American teenager mired in superhero affairs, Amadeus is initially best known as a sidekick who teams up with heroes like the Hulk and Hercules for his early adventures before eventually becoming a Hulk himself. In his time as the "Totally Awesome Hulk," Amadeus stands out as a character who genuinely loves being big and green and isn't afraid to flirt as much as possible, even when fighting supervillains. He's fun to read about, he'd fit right into a show like She-Hulk or a movie starring the recently introduced Hercules, and perhaps best of all, he's very adaptable. While he's not a Hulk, Amadeus Cho could be one of the MCU's next big teen heroes. And while he's reportedly set to debut in the Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series, a live-action version of the character would be a welcome addition.
Arcade in Amazing Spider-Man (Book 5) #20

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #20 (Artists: Cory Smith, Mark Morales and Erick Arciniega)
Not every super villain can level a city or wipe out trillions of lives across the universe. Sometimes you need the smaller boys to remind you that there's fighting for individual heroes too, and other times you just want villains to be more fun. Enter Arcade, the amusement park-themed supervillain who has battled everyone from Spider-Man to the X-Men using a variety of elaborate, often silly, deathtraps.
Founded in 1978 by legendary team Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Arcade often focuses on kidnapping various superheroes and forcing them to play potentially deadly games at his own private amusement park called Murderworld. The heroes usually escape, of course, cementing Arcade's place as a B-list villain at best, but that doesn't make him any less entertaining. Also, thanks to stories like Avengers Arena, he's proven that he can be truly lethal when he wants to, making him more adaptable to any number of stories. Whether it's battling the eventual Young Avengers team or joining the Thunderbolts, Arcade has a lot going for it, especially on the Disney+ side, where its games could be the focus of a streaming series.
Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill in Unworthy Thor #3

Unworthy Thor (Vol. 1) #3 (Artists: Kim Jacinto, Olivier Coipel and Matthew Wilson)
Any list of the most wanted new MCU additions of the last decade has to include Beta Ray Bill, the alien warrior who stole hearts in Asgard when he proved himself worthy of wielding Thor's hammer and was given his own version of the weapon by no other than Odin the Allfather. Bill's head was featured on the Grandmaster's Palace in Thor: Ragnarok, suggesting he's out there somewhere and it's about time he finally made his grand debut.
Bill is everything the MCU needs in terms of heroic characters. He's brave, he's loyal, he's often hilarious, and he carries a tragic backstory that adds depth to everything he does. Also, he looks amazing in battle, especially when he puts on the cloak and helmet and fights alongside Thor. A fifth Thor film would be a great place to introduce him, but he could show up in numerous other cosmic adventures as well, especially if a sequel to Eternals begins to flesh out more of Marvel's space roster. He could even replace Thor if Chris Hemsworth finally decides to hang up the hammer. Just bring him out. It's long gone.
Captain Britain
Captain Britain in Excalibur #15

Excalibur (Vol. 4) #15 (Artists: Mahmud Asrar and Matthew Wilson)
While there are a few notable exceptions, the MCU has understandably kept much of its storytelling firmly focused on North America up to this point. However, that is beginning to change, and that means it could soon be time to cross the pond, where Britain has its very different national heroes. Captain Britain is not a soldier equipped with a powerful serum that gives him muscles. Instead, he's a guy imbued with the power of Merlyn (yes, that Merlyn) to defend Britain and its people. This gives him both a cool set of powers and a very rich mystical backstory with ties to Arthurian myths and other dimensions that look more like magical kingdoms than versions of our world.
Also, like Captain America, Captain Britain is a title that can change hands, from the original hero Brian Braddock to his sister Betsy, and even to the Muslim heroine Faiza Hussain, who picked up Excalibur (oh yes, Excalibur is a part of it too). ) and eventually became the new Captain Britain. This makes Captain Britain both extremely malleable and a great potential entry point for more imaginative MCU stories. He could be a new Avenger, the star in his own series of solo adventures, or all of the above, and if the MCU adopts the 2015 version of the Secret Wars event as cinematic source material and hands Captain Britain in charge of the Battleground realm of Higher Avalon could be great fun.
Captain Universe (Tamara Devoux)
Captain Universe in Avengers (Vol. 5) #6

Avengers (Volume 5) #6 (Artist: Dustin Weaver)
Like the Phoenix Force of the X-Men comics, Captain Universe is more of a unit than a single hero, a cosmic force known as Uni-Power possessing an individual in a dark time for the universe and that person in "Captain Universe" will transform. This means several heroes have adopted the moniker in Marvel Comics, but among all, Tamara Devoux is the most interesting for our purposes.
Why? Well, Tamara made an appearance in the Avengers comics leading up to the Secret Wars event. An amnesiac woman with very little sense of her own identity, she was chosen by Uni-Power because, like the universe at the time, she understood what it meant to be broken. She went on to be a key figure in both the Avengers and the all-female Team A-Force, and a major harbinger of the dark events to come in the pre-Secret Wars multiversal incursions. That means this particular incarnation of Captain Universe could be an excellent MCU addition to the Secret Wars build, serving as a sort of living embodiment of the strife that all existence faces.
The Champion of the Universe (Tryco Slatterus)
Tryco Slatterus in Thanos #1

Thanos (Vol. 2) #1 (Artists: Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin)
Like the Collector and the Grand Master, Tryco Slatterus (aka the Champion) is one of the immortal "Elders of the Universe" in the Marvel Comics, a being with eons of history behind him who was chosen to spend his endless life battling against others Battle warriors across the universe in an effort to prove yourself as the greatest fighter of all time. It's a pursuit that has taken him everywhere, from the deepest recesses of the cosmos to Madison Square Garden, and brought him at odds with everyone from the Thing to the Hulk to his fellow elders.
So where does he fit in the MCU? Pretty much everywhere. He has worked with Thanos' brother Starfox (introduced in the Eternals movie) so he could play a role in that character's future adventures. He could show up and fight with Bruce Banner or Jennifer Walters or even face Ben Grimm (who is not yet cast but appears in the new Fantastic Four movie) in a future adventure. Since it's been everywhere and always existed, the possibilities are endless, and The Champion could add drama to pretty much any story if used correctly.
Elsa bloodstone
Elsa Bloodstone in Death from Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1

Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 (Artist: David Nakayama)
There have been persistent rumors that Elsa Bloodstone, a monster slayer with a savings attitude, will be making her MCU debut in the upcoming Disney+ Halloween special. But until that's confirmed, we're keeping her at the top of our wish list because she's a great character who could add a lot of depth to the MCU's supernatural bank.
Originally introduced as a Buffy-like character in a self-titled series in 2001, Elsa really came into its own in the comedy-action-event series Nextwave, where her penchant for British flair and brutal fighting techniques came to the fore. Since then, she's popped up all over the Marvel Comics universe, but she works particularly well when teaming up with monster characters like Werewolf by Night and Morbius, and other tough women like Misty Knight. That means she could show up as a street-level hero in a streaming series, appear in supernatural battles alongside Moon Knight, or even join forces with Blade and Ghost Rider to form the MCU version of the Midnight Sons. She is adaptable and brilliant, and the right actor would make her an instant star.
Franklin and Valeria Richards
Franklin and Valeria Richards in Fantastic Four (Vol. 6) #22

Fantastic Four (Vol. 6) #22 (Artists: Paco Medina and Jesus Aburtov)
Though the Fantastic Four have appeared in three big-budget films to date, their children haven't, and the MCU could be just the place for the descendants of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman to make their live-action debut give. Why include her in the upcoming adventures of the FF? Well, Franklin Richards is a mutant with enormous power potential that includes the ability to create entire mini-universes, while Valeria is a super genius who Reed Richards suspects will one day be even smarter than him.
They're fun to be with, they add an emotional layer to the FF's adventures, but perhaps most importantly, they both play important roles in the 2015 comic book version of Secret Wars. Indeed, Franklin's ability to Creating universes was eventually used to rebuild the entire Marvel Multiverse after that event, making it a truly invaluable part of Marvel Comics as it now exists. Introducing her along with her parents and uncles in the Fantastic Four movie could pave the way for a lot of interesting MCU stuff in the future.
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