15 of the most shocking reality TV moments of 2020

Chrishell Stause was blind on "Selling Sunset's" season three. Courtesy of Netflix
Reality TV was definitely not boring this year.
Brandi Glanville claimed she and Denise Richards were having an affair while Chrishell Stause was text dumped.
We picked the most shocking reality TV moments of 2020.
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Reality TV became more important than ever this year as many of us had nothing to do but watch the drama on our screens.
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It was also affected by the pandemic: "Drag Race" had a virtual finale and the "Real Housewives" had to film confessionals in their own four walls. But some of the most shocking moments on reality TV this year had nothing to do with coronavirus. Does Tiger King ring any bells?
Keep scrolling to see the 15 wildest reality TV moments in 2020.
Chris Harrison promises each season of "The Bachelorette" will be the most dramatic yet, but when Clare Crawley was replaced by Tayshia Adams mid-season, it turned out he was right.
Crawley and Adams. Bob D'Amico / Walt Disney Television / Getty Images; Paul Archuleta / Getty Images
For those not yet part of Bachelor Nation, a lead is usually on the show for six to eight weeks, during which time they are expected to fall in love and find a future spouse. That may sound wild enough on its own, but this season had an even faster love story.
Crawley, who finally starred on the show this summer after her season was delayed due to the coronavirus, lasted just 12 days before claiming she found the love of her life. That left the producers confused and they had only one choice: bring in a new lead to take over about halfway through the show.
This is where Adams comes in. Never before has "The Bachelor" or any of its spin-offs had to reconsider the leadership because someone fell in love too quickly, but it's 2020 so of course it happened this season.
You can see other shocking moments from this season here.
In the latest installment of the Real Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, it was revealed that one of the housewives is married to her step-grandfather.
"The real housewives of Salt Lake City." Bravo
No, you didn't get that wrong - Mary Cosby, an actress on "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," is married to her late grandmother's second husband, also known as her step-grandfather. In fact, she said that her marriage was basically an arranged marriage for her grandmother.
"Before she died, she made it clear that I should be the one to take her place in the church and inherit everything," Cosby said. "That came with houses, money, our church, and marrying her husband."
You have been married for 21 years.
It was intense to see Kourtney and Kim finally snap on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" after tense seasons.
Kourtney and Kim Kardashian get into a physical battle on-screen. E! / NBCUniversal
Kourtney and Kim have been fighting for years, with Kim calling her sister "the least interesting to look at" implying that Kourtney is not as hardworking as she is, and Kourtney says she is a better mother than her sister. But everything came to a head in a season 18 episode where the two oldest Kardashians got into an actual physical altercation.
The episode aired in May - a few months later the family announced that "KUWTK" would end in 2021.
There were a few couples who broke up at the altar of "Love Is Blind", but none more dramatically than Damian and Giannina, who fled barefoot from their wedding.
Giannina fell when she ran away on "Love is Blind" before their wedding. Netflix
"Love Is Blind" was one of Netflix's biggest hits of 2020. The premise of people talking to each other over walls and getting engaged before ever meeting in person was eerily coronavirus-appropriate.
In the final, five couples survived long enough to make it to their wedding day, but only two actually said "I know". Jessica and Mark and Kenny and Kelly each parted at the altar.
But Damian and Giannina's ceremony took the cake when Damian completely blinded Giannina and told her he did not want to marry her. In a fit of anger, Giannina sprinted out of the ceremony, dressed, and ran through the streets of Atlanta, almost planting herself in the grass. It was a must watch TV.
While The Circle viewers knew Seaburn was a catfish the whole time, it was wild to see the others find out.
Seaburn and his teddy friend in "The Circle". Courtesy of Netflix
In "The Circle", another Netflix reality hit, participants only communicated with each other via a social media app called "Circle". They could either be themselves or "fish" their competitors and impersonate someone else. When there were five participants left, they could finally meet in real life and find out if their friends were being honest with themselves.
Seaburn, who pretended to be a girl named Rebecca and used his girlfriend's photos, was the only catfish left at the time - and seeing the reactions of everyone in his team was invaluable.
The entire Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville saga about "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" could not be missed.
Richards and Glanville. Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images; Presley Ann / Getty Images for WE tv
Before the final season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired, it was revealed that Richards had stopped filming amid rumors that she and former Housewives star Glanville were reportedly having an affair. For her part, Glanville claimed that Richards told her that she and her husband, Aaron Phyper, had an open marriage. Richards denied the whole story.
All season long, fans were tossed back and forth between Richards and Glanville, each claiming the other was lying. We even saw Richards use a longstanding "housewife" rumor tactic - screaming "Bravo, Bravo, caught Bravo" to render the footage unusable.
There was never a closure and with Richards officially leaving the show it seems like we'll never get it.
After a period of fear on Selling Sunset, it was still heartbreaking to text Chrishell Stause to find out that she was divorcing.
Chrishell Stause is on "Selling Sunset". Netflix
Although the third season of "Selling Sunset" came almost a year after news that Stause and her then-husband Justin Hartley were divorced, watching Stause claim she was in a happy marriage was still a blow To see it all crumble Her co-workers, family and friends found that she was divorcing at the same time, as Hartley reportedly texted her and TMZ promptly found the documents.
Rarely do we see such a raw look at a reality star's divorce.
Dancing with the Stars fans were shocked when the show fired Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews and replaced them with Tyra Banks.
Bergeron and Andrews. Eric McCandless / Getty
Bergeron, a seasoned host after years on America's Funniest Home Videos and Hollywood Squares, had hosted the show for 15 seasons since it premiered in 2005. He and Andrews, who moderated six seasons, were both unceremoniously fired in the summer after a low rating.
The two have been replaced by Banks, the former host of America's Next Top Model. The reactions were mixed.
During the finale of Peter Weber's "The Bachelor" season, viewers watched in horror as Madison Prewett and his mother Barb exchanged harsh words on live television.
Prewett and Weber at the final. John Fleenor / Getty Images
Peter's season was truly unique in that it didn't end with his front runner or his future fiancé - instead, he reconnected with a candidate he actually met before filming, Kelley. Needless to say, the season was a mess.
The most jaw-dropping moment of the entire season, however, was when Peter's mother, Barb, came to Prewett for being rude, wasting everyone's time, and claiming that there was no way her and Peter's relationship could work out. For her part, Prewett defended herself, which led some people to label her as disrespectful.
Who won? Well ... Peter is dating a new woman Barb is publicly obsessed with, and Prewett has escaped from a family that cares deeply about each other's lives. So let's call it a tie.
Angelina completely lost her mind over Snooki, JWoww and Deena after their toast at their wedding on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.
The infamous wedding speech. MTV
Over the summer, viewers watched all the drama go down at Angelina's wedding, including a toast (more like a roast) made by her Jersey Shore co-stars Snooki, Jwoww and Deena. At first it seemed like Angelina was implicated in the joke, but as the comments got more hurtful it quickly became apparent that she was extremely offended and upset and the bride left her own wedding for at least an hour.
Snooki and Deena both reached out on social media to pretend they didn't want to make a speech at all and were forced to cause drama from the producers. In either case, the girls didn't speak for months and Snooki even left the show in response to the whole drama.
Both attendees and spectators were shocked when a designer on "Project Runway" challenged Karlie Kloss by asking if she wouldn't wear a design, "Not even to dinner with the Kushners?"
The legend itself. Bravo
Karlie Kloss is a model and judge on "Project Runway". She is also married to Joshua Kushner, the brother of President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner. She rarely, if ever, connects with Jared and Ivanka, but she doesn't exactly denounce them either, which some viewers have found flaws in.
One such person with these complaints was Tyler Neasloney, a contestant on the final season of Project Runway. When another judge said, "I honestly can't see Karlie wearing anywhere," Neasloney didn't miss a beat and replied, "Not even to dinner with the Kushners?"
Kloss was shocked and the moment immediately became a meme.
When Mickey Rourke exposed himself in "The Masked Singer", he broke every rule.
Mickey Rourke as Gremlin. Fox
Typically on "The Masked Singer" a candidate is only revealed at the end of the show, after the judges have made their (usually terrible) guesses. But Rourke, not exactly known for following the rules, decided to expose himself because he was just too hot under the Gremlin mask. We have to say - assignable.
The wait for Daytona was a big nail bite when he saw "Cheer" but it was really shocking to see Austin injure himself during the finale.
Navarro in Daytona. Netflix
At this point we had seen the cheering Navarro team get injured many times before, but in the back of their minds there seemed no question that the team would be flawless if it hit the mat at Daytona.
However, Austin, one of Navarro's stunts, landed wrong during a flip of the routine and couldn't continue performing - and then the music stopped, the team fell off the mats, and they only had 30 minutes to figure out how to revise the routine with a new person.
We won't spoil what happens, but even if you know it is coming, you will be forgiven for Austin's fall.
"Tiger King." Just everything from "Tiger King".
Joe Exotic and one of his favorite tigers. Netflix
Where to start with the shocking moments of "Tiger King"?
Here is a list of really wild (no pun intended) moments from the Netflix series: When You Find Out Joe Exotic Is In Jail; if there is an entire episode devoted to whether Carole Baskin killed her husband; when you find out that Joe has multiple husbands; if you find out that one of Joe's multiple husbands accidentally shot himself in the head; anything to do with Doc Antle and his harem when you meet the real-life inspiration for "Scarface"; when you meet Jeff Lowe; if the FBI interferes; if Joe runs for governor of Oklahoma and receives votes; and when you find that all of these people are actually real and there are thousands of lions and tigers in the United States who are legal pets.
Do we have to say more?
Many reality shows had to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic, but none was more successful than "RuPaul's Drag Race", which triggered a breathtaking finale.
Gigi Goodes lip-sync with "Take On Me". VH1
The final of "Drag Race" was an episode like no before - each finalist was essentially tasked with making their own music video at home, and it was a beauty to watch. Each queen's creativity shone through and it made us all rethink how smart we could actually be when stuck at home. Kudos to Crystal Methyd, Gigi Goode and Jaida Essence Hall for blowing us all away.
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