16 Anti-Vaxxers Who Will Make You Think "They Can't Be Serious," But Unfortunately They Are

1. This person who maintains the BS that "poisons" from vaccinated people are broadcast through computer screens:
I hate it when lethal syringes broadcast from my screen by vaxxhappened
2. This person who believes that a car hit and killed her friend's daughter from the vaccine:
The heavy metals in a vaccine caused her to attract the car she ran over ... from Facepalm
3. This person who scares their child:
Said mom I got my Covid vaccine ... from vaxxhappened
4. This person too:
My Anti-Vax mom finds out I plan to get vaccinated. by facepalm
5. This person who advised people to fake a seizure after their vaccination:
A guy who tells people to fake a reaction to the vaccine. I'm not sure if this is a facepalm or not. by facepalm
6. This person who officially opens the world's weirdest dating app (what an accomplishment):
Your opening line, after we matched, was at least a quick mismatch since an allergic reaction to people with the vaccine is not a thing, by facepalm
7. This person who is now called "Pure Blood":
Boy Boy. Saw this beautiful work on WhatsApp from vaxxhappened
8. That person who actually took a picture of a random metal thing and pretended it was a tracking device:
u / MandoLakes / Via reddit.com
9. This person who apparently failed miserably in instigating a nationwide shutdown:
Little did I know this was a "thing" - imagine you're so stupid. ?? ‍♂️ by vaxxhappened
10. This person who compared child masking to child abuse:
You have removed on r / imatotalpieceofshit and r / trashy. Do not know why. Thought it would fit perfectly there. by vaxxhappened
11. This person who was really afraid of catching some "spike proteins" from vaccinated people:
This is the level of paranoid madness they are at now ... wondering if it is "safe" for them to be around someone who has been with people who have had the vaccine! by vaxxhappened
12. These people who want to rub mustard all over their bodies:
Trolling the vaccination resistance movement has never been this good by facepalm
13. That person who believes the vaccine is just another way for Big Pharma to open our wallets ... even though neither of us pays to:
Antivaxxer Believes Vaccines For Scam From Facepalm
14. This person who wants to vaccinate their pets, just not their children or themselves:
Obviously, vaccines do not harm animals. by facepalm
15. This person who legitimately created a prosthetic arm to fake doctors:
Arm prosthesis for vaccinators from facepalm
16. And finally, Candace Owens:
Serious? Vaccinating children against serious illness is the same as Hitler Youth? by facepalm

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