16 Crappy People Who Will Make You Scream, "HAVE THEE NO SHAME?!"

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1. This person ruined Halloween for the kids (and parents) by making it political:
u/Struevesant / About reddit.com
2. This person illegally uncapped dozens of bottles of soda just to get a few points in their video game (Call of Duty):
u/Caxxy111 / Via reddit.com
3. This person returned a used (and wrecked) couch to Costco without any shame:
u/mzbacon / About reddit.com
4. And this person returned their dead plants to Costco:
u/Chatty_Fellow / Via reddit.com
5. This person made sure no one else gains weight at the gym:
u/daithi9908 / Via reddit.com
6. This person treats their baby like a case of beer:
u/ADD_OCD / About reddit.com
7. This person not only broke into a stranger's car, but stole an extremely sentimental item from them:
u/AbbatialCasualty563 / Via reddit.com
8. These people left an inexcusable mess:
u/TheMasterFul1 / Via reddit.com
9. This person's sticky fingers could ruin movie watching for a whole community of kids:
u/eDudjasder / About reddit.com
10. This person threw a ride-on scooter into the water:
u/publius-varus / About reddit.com
11. This person made a bowl of cereal at the grocery store:
u/GenieOfTheLamp510 / Via reddit.com
12. This person only had to fill four parking spaces:
u/mymompaints / Via reddit.com
13. This person is every janitor's nightmare:
u/SuperGuitar / Via reddit.com
14. This person destroys public property with their conspiracy theories:
u/iizzyy_x / About reddit.com
15. This person prides himself on being a bad driver:
u/cosmicsnowpea / Via reddit.com
16. And finally, this person might be the worst person who has ever existed:
u/Azurebluenomad / Via reddit.com
H/T: r/trashy

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