16 Things McDonald's Employees REALLY Hate That Customers Do, And 5 Things They REALLY Love

1. McDonald’s employees hate it when you do rude things such as B. Leaving ALL of your trash behind:
"Just a small customer review."
u / MrsDillagan / Via reddit.com
2. And McDonald's employees hate when you get mad at them for trying to help:
u / absol2019 / ifunny.co / via reddit.com
3. McDonald's employees hate it when you say "Helloooo". the second you drag to the drive-through:
Comment from the discussion Noobdefeater's comment from the discussion "Pet Peeves as McDonald's Cashier".
4. McDonald's employees hate it when they ask for "no salt" fries AND THEN ask for a pack of salt anyway:
ULPT: If you go to McDonalds, don't ask for salt on your fries, then get a pack of salt by the window. That way, you get hot, fresh fries to your liking and a dirty look from the cash register. by UnethicalLifeProTips
5. McDonald's staff hate it when you place a really large order ...
"God Save us."
u / crafty5999 / via reddit.com
6 .... especially if it's basically all free stuff.
"That's why we all hate delivery services. If you allow someone to get something for free or change what you want, they will."
7. And McDonald's employees hate it when you change your mind a million times:
"Lady didn't know what she wanted."
u / AmericanBerserker / Via reddit.com
8. McDonald's staff hate it when you have an absurd request:
"When a customer asks for 2 sides of Mac Sauce."
u / bill723 / Via reddit.com
9 and McDonald's employees hate it when they don't even know what to ask for:
u / Alexmm3930 / Via reddit.com
10. McDonald's staff hate it when you ask where an item is if you haven't asked them first:
11.McDonald's employees hate it when you pull the line "I used to work at McDonald's":
12. McDonald’s employees hate it when you drive to the drive-thru window unprepared:
"Why doesn't every store have one?"
reddit.com / Via reddit.com
13.And McDonald's staff hate it when you show them your coupon AFTER the order:
u / Blastspark01 / Cartoon Network / Via reddit.com
14.McDonald's Employees Hate When You Eat In The Bathroom:
"When customers can't eat in your dining room, they get creative."
u / united0002 / Via reddit.com
15. McDonald’s staff hate it when you pay for the smallest item with a large bill ONLY so you can break it:
u / [deleted] / Via reddit.com
16. And McDonald's employees hate it when you toss a bunch of random coins on the counter and then leave:
"This customer just threw all her change away during rush hour, she didn't even order that amount."
u / ThyOriginal / Via reddit.com
17.McDonald Employees Love When You Pay With Organized Coins:
"One guy paid for a full $ 32 order with coin rolls today. The best customer to have with a national coin shortage."
u / TarNREN / Via reddit.com
18.And McDonald's employees love when you keep your order simple:
u / spicygay21 / Cinema International Corporation / Via reddit.com
19. McDonald's employees love seeing nice, respectful repeat customers:
u / Disastrous-Wall-7057 / Twitter: @BernieSanders / Via reddit.com
20. And McDonald's employees also love to see VIP guests driving through:
21. And finally, McDonald's employees love when you have a good sense of humor:
"A customer came by with this QR code and let me take a picture. What are the chances ?!"
u / Shazera / Via reddit.com
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