17 awesome last-minute gifts that will arrive before Christmas

The best last minute gifts sent before Christmas
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With only a few days left until Christmas, it's officially time for those who need to buy gifts before the holidays. If you are, you've come to the right place. Reviewed staff test products all year round. Over the past few months, we've recommended the best gifts to buy in 2020. Those top gifts include many of the amazing products we tested along with top-rated items and things our editors personally own and love.
While you can use gift cards and other gifts that don't require shipping by default, we scoured the internet to find out what top gifts ship before Christmas. Below are 17 of the best gifts our staff recommend so you can still order. However, delivery times and product inventory are constantly changing. So be sure to check the fine print and order what you want now before it's too late!
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1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer
Best Last Minute Gifts: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer
The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush is arguably the most popular product and gift of 2020. Some good news: you can still order the gift of the year from Amazon and have it arrive before Christmas. With 130,000 rave reviews on Amazon (yes, 130,000), it has achieved cult status in the beauty product world - and it's been approved by our own experts. Reviewed beauty writer Jessica Kasparian tested the hair dryer and found it absolutely lives up to the hype. If this sounds like it could be a great gift for the person you're shopping for, order it now before it's too late!
On offer! Get the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer on Amazon for $ 39.89 (save $ 20.10).
2. Carhartt Beanie
Best Last Minute Gifts: Carhartt Beanie
The Carhartt knitted hat has over 58,000 (!!) rave reviews on Amazon and can be shipped before Christmas. If you're looking for someone who could use a winter hat - especially a fan of the outdoor apparel and workwear brand - this hat makes an excellent gift that costs just under $ 17. Not every color will arrive before Christmas. So if your not the color black, be sure to check the fine print before ordering.
Get the Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie from Amazon for $ 16.99
3. Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas
Best Last Minute Gifts: Moonlight Pajamas
Pajamas are always a great gift because people rarely buy them for themselves. Nordstrom sells pajamas that people, myself included, swear by. They are the Moonlight Pajamas and they only have about 5 stars out of over 1,300 reviews. If you are buying from someone who would love pajamas, you are in luck. These will arrive before Christmas if you order them now.
Get the Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas at Nordstrom for $ 65
4. Nidra Deep Rest eye mask
Best Last Minute Gifts: Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask
After testing, we found the Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask to be the best contoured sleep mask on the market. Our tester said it was "like personal blackout curtains for your eyes". If you're shopping for someone in need of their (or could be more!) Beauty sleep this makes a great gift - and luckily, it will arrive before Christmas.
Get the Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask on Amazon for $ 13.95
5. Apple AirPods Pro
Best last minute gifts: Apple AirPods Pro
Apple's AirPods Pro are the best true wireless earbuds our experts tested this year. If you are looking for a lover of all things Apple, you will love a couple of these. Right now, you can get the coveted earbuds for $ 199.99 on Target. If these are not dispatched to you on time and are in stock at a destination near you, you can order them online and collect them from the store. No luck with Target? The AirPods Pro earbuds are still available at Best Buy and can be shipped and picked up in-store when they are available in your area. That said, they're about $ 23 more at Best Buy than at Target, but that's still lower than the regular $ 249.99 price tag if you insist on grabbing a pair before Christmas.
Get the Apple AirPods Pro on Target for $ 199.99
Get the Apple AirPods Pro at the best price for $ 222.99
6. Kate Spade Pendant Necklace
Best Last Minute Gifts: Kate Spade Pendant Necklace
If the person you're shopping for is timeless, this Kate Spade pendant chain could be the perfect gift - and it will arrive before Christmas if you order it now. The necklace can be dressed up or down and is personalized with the initial of your first name in the pendant. This necklace has over 880 great reviews so people clearly love it. Not to mention, necklaces with initials are very trendy right now.
Get the Kate Spade one of a million necklaces at Nordstrom for $ 58
7. Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw
Best Last Minute Gifts: Nordstrom's Bliss Plush Throw
Blankets that serve as home decor and personal comfort at the same time really make a great gift for everyone. This popular and top-rated blanket from Nordstrom will arrive with chargeable shipping this Christmas. If you live near a Nordstrom that has them in stock, you might be able to pick them up at the store without paying for shipping. It has a 5-star rating of over 1,900 reviews and is a favorite among the rated readers.
Get the Bliss Plush Throw on Nordstrom for $ 39.50
8. Barefoot dreams of CozyChic Throw Blanket
Best Last Minute Gifts: Barefoot Dreams Blanket
Barefoot Dreams, the brand that makes the popular, comfy CozyChic cardigan, sells a CozyChic blanket - and it will arrive before Christmas if you order it from Nordstrom now. While it's more expensive than the Bliss Plush Throw (# 7 on this list), it's a luxury throw that we've tried and loved - and one that celebrities (including Chrissy Teigen) are obsessed with too. This blanket is no longer in stock, but Nordstrom currently offers it in different colors. Act quickly - both because it might sell out and so that it arrives before Christmas.
Get the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket on Nordstrom for $ 147
9. Align the Lululemon leggings
Best Last Minute Gifts: Lululemon Align Leggings
If you pay for shipping before the Tuesday December 22nd deadline, or if you live near a Lululemon and can pick it up in store, you can shop for a fantastic gift online from the sports retailer that arrives before Christmas. One of those gifts is what we think are Lululemon's most comfortable leggings: the Aligns. At a time when work clothes may have switched from jeans to yoga pants, there has never been a better time to give these leggings away as gifts. They are the most comfortable leggings I have ever owned. Even after numerous washes and years of possession, they are still my favorite, both for training and for lounging. In fact, I refuse to wear leggings other than Align Leggings now. Pay attention to the size as you want to find the right pair for your fifteen. For example, I'm 5 "2 and I can wear the 25" leggings as pants.
Get the Align Crop 21 "from Lululemon for $ 88
Get the Align Pant II 25 "from Lululemon for $ 98
10. Nintendo Switch Lite
Best Last Minute Gifts: Nintendo Switch Lite
The Nintendo Switch was one of the hottest gifts of 2020. Although they're hard to find - especially now, just before the holidays - you can still order the Switch Lite from Best Buy before Christmas. You can also order an in-store pickup if a store near you has it in stock.
Get the Nintendo Switch Lite from Best Buy for $ 199.99
11. Leatherman Wave multitool
Best last minute gifts: Leatherman Wave multitool
When you buy someone that is practical, you still have time to make them our tried and true multitool. Not only do we love it from Reviewed, the Leatherman Wave also has tons of great reviews and a 25 year guarantee. This tool can be sent before Christmas Eve. If possible, you can order it to be picked up at a Home Depot near you.
Get the Leatherman Wave at Home Depot for $ 99.97
12. Apple Watch Series 6
Best Last Minute Gifts: Apple Watch Series 6
If you don't already have one, an Apple Watch would make a fantastic gift for those who are always on their iPhone. We tested the brand new Apple Watch Series 6, and it's the best smartwatch we've ever tried. While Target doesn't ship the watch on time (you can check if you can get paid delivery near you before Christmas), you may be able to pick it up at the store if it's available near you.
On offer! Get the Apple Watch Series 6 on Target for $ 349.99 (save $ 49.01)
13. Robot vacuum
Best Last Minute Gifts: Robot Vacuum
We love robotic vacuums at Reviewed, and so do our readers. One of the things our readers buy over and over again is robotic vacuums. The Eufy RoboVac 11s is the cheapest robotic vacuum we've ever tested, and the iRobot Roomba i7 + is the best robotic vacuum we've tested in all price ranges. Right now, you can order both online to arrive before Christmas.
On offer! Get the Eufy RoboVac 11s on Amazon for $ 149.99 (save $ 80)
On offer! Get the iRobot Roomba i7 + Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at Bed Bath & Beyond for $ 599.99 (save $ 200)
14. Sony noise canceling headphones
Best last minute gifts: Sony headphones
While Bose's excellent Quiet Comfort headphones have owned the noise-canceling room for years, Sony is the new champion in town and exceeds our ratings. The Sony 1000XM4s are widely recognized today as the best all-round noise-canceling headphones you can get. They offer excellent sound quality, wonderfully suppress ambient noise and are great for long flights, train journeys or just for work at your desk. They're still available on Amazon and can arrive before Christmas if you order now.
Get Sony's WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones from Amazon for $ 278 (On Sale! Save $ 71.99).
15. Capri Blue Volcano Candles
Best last minute gifts: Capri Blue Candle
If you're shopping for someone who loves home decor, you can't go wrong with a trendy candle as a gift. My favorite candle is the Volcano fragrance from Capri Blue. Not only do they smell fantastic, but they are also available in chic glasses that serve as fantastic home decor. These candles are available for both express and overnight orders (and store pickup based on availability near you) if you order before 1:00 p.m. ET. This is the case with most gifts at Anthropologie. However, be sure to check the fine print before ordering as not everything is available yet. Fortunately, Capri Blue candles are in stock - and 30% off!
On offer! Get the Capri Blue Volcano Jar Candle from Anthropologie for $ 22.40 (save $ 9.60).
16. JBL Flip 5 portable bluetooth speaker
Best last-minute gifts: JBL Flip 5 Portable Speaker
If you're looking for someone who enjoys listening to music or podcasts, you can give away our favorite portable bluetooth speaker, the JBL Flip 5 speaker. It's the best portable bluetooth speaker we've tested, and it's waterproof so it can be used anywhere, rain or shine. Not only is it currently available at Best Buy, but you can get free shipping before Christmas depending on your location if you order asap.
On offer! Get the JBL Flip 5 portable bluetooth speaker at the best price for $ 89.99 (save $ 30).
17. The Moccamaster Coffee Brewer
Best last minute gifts: Moccamaster
If you want to love someone who loves coffee, you've come to the right place with the best filter coffee machine we've tested on Reviewed: the Moccamaster. Not only does it make a good cup of coffee, but its mid-century design looks amazing on countertops too. The best part? You can still order it from Amazon with delivery until Christmas.
On offer! Get the Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer on Amazon for $ 299
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