17 Roommates Who Prove That Some People Actually Have Zero Respect For Others

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1. This roommate who launched a whole new ecosystem in the rice cooker:
u/tshoe777 / Via reddit.com
2. These roommates who completely destroyed some furniture:
u/thethinkernut / About reddit.com
3. This roommate who treats the shower like his personal dressing room:
u/OldSchoolPhotoshop / Via reddit.com
4. This roommate who lets his kids dig into his roommate's food without being asked:
u/[deleted]/ About reddit.com
5. These roommates who left that passive-aggressive note for being too lazy to carry keys:
The note reads: "Do not lock the door. We don't do that here because nobody has a key with them. They've now got three of us locked out sleeping on a homie's couch on separate nights. New house rules. No problem, just don't lock it anymore.
6. This roommate who decided to use a night light that's brighter than the sun:
u/fillmorecounty / About reddit.com
7. This roommate who ~technically~ bought new toilet paper, but just about:
u/Average_Pelican / Via reddit.com
8. This roommate who really needs to learn how to clean while cooking:
u/MadManD3vi0us / Via reddit.com
9. This roommate who ate a cake that wasn't his like a pagan:
u/BiggIrlCrUnK / Via reddit.com
10. This roommate who would rather die than clean more than one dish:
u/Jwright7711 / Via reddit.com
11. This roommate who pulled one of the cruellest pranks known to man:
u/dxxx12 / Via reddit.com
12. This roommate who said, "No, I'll just let the plants die":
u/Lave_nas / About reddit.com
13. This roommate who desecrated a cute homemade gift:
u/Vinny7777777 / Via reddit.com
u/Vinny7777777 / Via reddit.com
14. This roommate who needs to know that the fridge. is. COMMUNITY:
u/m48_apocalypse / Via reddit.com
15. These roommates who have absolutely no respect:
u/TragicGirl11 / Via reddit.com
16. This roommate who left his bags in the common room for almost a week:
u/Final_v04 / Via reddit.com
17. And finally this roommate who turned the bathroom into a horror show:
u/itzsquiddim / About reddit.com
H/T: r/slightly angry

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