17 Wild Stories About People Not Recognizing A Celebrity That Was Talking To Them

Do you know how sometimes you get bored and just scroll through Quora? I do, and that's exactly how I came across this question: "Have you ever met a celebrity who asked you, 'Do you know who I am?' and you said no? " And, wow, are you talking about a missed opportunity!
1. "I remember hearing President George H. W. Bush tell a story about visiting a retirement home and talking to a nice elderly lady in a wheelchair."
"After a while he asked her, 'Do you know who I am?' She replied: 'Ask at reception. They'll know. '"
- Ed McManus
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2. “Brad Pitt and I happened upon the same elevator. His appearance was different from what I remembered from Ocean's Eleven.
"We got off on the same floor ... I heard some women sprint to Mr. Pitt and scream his name. After Mr. Pitt left, I was asked if I 'knew who this man was' and I said, 'Not at first' . The women snorted offended. "
- Nicole Shankar
3. "One early Saturday morning I took our German Shepherd Dog to refuel in the car and pick up some picnic items while my husband was still sleeping. When I stopped, I saw a fancy car and a few people around the driver .. . "
“When I was about to get back into my car, he came up to me and we exchanged trivial niceties. He complimented my dog ​​on how he looked and asked, 'Do you want my autograph?' [I replied], 'Only if you want mine.' He took a business card out of his pocket, asked my name, wrote something on the back, and handed it back to me. Without looking, I put it on the dashboard. I gave him a napkin with my name on it and we said goodbye. At breakfast I told my husband about my meeting with this guy and gave him the card. 'My God! Are you crazy ... you met him and didn't even recognize him? ' [said my husband.] I stared at my husband. The card was from Jameson's, the trendy bar and restaurant on the same block as our office, and the owner himself, Sugar Ray Leonard, the world boxing champion, had signed and written the back of the card: 'Allow Raji, husband and 10 guests for lunch / dinner / drinks. Take along for the German Shepherd. '"
- Rajyashree Tripathi
4. "I worked in the electronics department at Macy's in college. This guy with long hair came over one day and asked me about the data cable for the Sharp Wizard or Casio Boss. While I called him he said, 'You know who I am?'"
"I turned to this guy with long blond hair and said, 'No.' [He replied], 'I'm Michael Bolton', [I asked], 'Who?' He looked completely shocked. "
- Bruce Gutman
5. “I work in media production and in 2009 we produced an image film for the big Walmart Annual Meeting. You always bring a big star to host, and this year it was Ben Stiller. So Ben rolls over to Fayetteville, Arkansas with a modest entourage, and we quickly take him to the local Walmart, where we do a little comic in which Ben plays a cashier. We had grips and makeup people posing as customers, and Ben asked one of his travel companions: an older guy named Jeff, to join the fun and take the till behind him. "
“Jeff was wearing a Walmart shirt and we got the footage. When we started packing, the production assistant did the rounds and got signed releases from everyone who appeared on camera. She brought the publication with her from Ben's friend Jeff the Cashier, literally dragging her jaw across the floor. It was filled out correctly and completely and signed by ... This stature was traveling under the radar, so NONE of the crew had recognized him. You can clearly see Mr. Katzenberg working at the cash register behind Ben in that old picture. "
- Greg Page
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6. It actually happened to my uncle in the late 1970s. My uncle worked for Pakistan International Airlines in New York and would often take free flights to California to visit us when the mood hit. One day he managed to secure a place in first class. As he made himself comfortable and made himself comfortable, he noticed that his young, handsome seatmate was attracting a lot of attention from flight attendants and other passengers. "
“People asked for his autograph, shook his hand, complimented him and smiled at him. My uncle had no idea who he was. He finally decided to just ask, 'Sorry, are you someone special? to know you?' The gentleman informed him that he was an actor who recently appeared in a movie that had gone very well, he gave my uncle his name and then asked, 'Do you recognize me now?' My uncle said to him, "No. I only watch Indian films. Do you know who Amitabh Bachchan is?" (Amitabh was and still is the greatest actor in Bollywood with a worldwide following.) The actor said no and my uncle gushed, "Oh, he's the best! You should see his movies! You will love them!" And then he pushed on, fascinated: 'So, are you famous?' The fellow passenger smiled and replied, "I'll tell you what. When we land in Los Angeles, tell me whether you think I'm famous or not." When my uncle saw how excited the people at LAX were when they saw the celebrity disembark with him, he was convinced the man was indeed famous. Who was the man None other than John Travolta. And his film, which was recently released, was released with great acclaim? Grease. "
- Hina Khan-Mukhtar
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7. "I traveled a lot for work and had a flight from Atlanta to New York. I was in first class and working before take off and I noticed a woman was moved from another seat to the vacant seat next to me. I was standing up, let them in, nodded the passenger's head early in the morning and just went back to work. "
"We drove off and after an hour or so we got into a conversation, her about work in NYC (though no details), what I did, and later what she could do after retirement (think it was about where she was maybe want to live) after work). As far as I can remember she was attractive, professional and linguistic. To be honest, I don't watch TV and remained completely clueless. We said goodbye and when she left the flight crew said, "Goodbye, Ms . Roberts "while a few passengers did the point-and-whisper things. I finally put it together because she said her name was Robin (Roberts) from Good Morning America. She never asked if I knew her, and I clearly didn't, but she really seemed to enjoy just talking without the celebrity stuff ever coming up. "
- Matthew Gill
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8. “I was with Jennifer Lawrence in 2008. I met her on a yoga class in Santa Monica. I had no idea who she was when I met her. "
“I just thought she was cute and started talking to her. She said not to watch a lot of TV and she was on a shitty show on TBS. In the end she drove me home from class and then I asked for her number. We dated a few more times after that, but ... I lost touch with her after a few months since her career began. Now it's kind of a journey when I watch films again. "
- Dodi Zaku
9. “One day in the 90s I happened to be sitting next to Billy Joel. A stranger came in and started a conversation, apparently without knowing who I was sitting next to. "
“They talked briefly about the pop music that was playing over them. At the end of the conversation, the man turned to Mr. Joel and said, 'Hey, has anyone ever told you, by the way, you look a bit like Billy Joel? 'Mr. Joel grinned and nodded politely, then replied shyly, "Ha! Yes, yes! I often understand that!" The other man smiled then followed, 'Well I bet you WISH you were Billy Joel ... because then you'd be married to Christie Brinkley!' Without missing a beat, Mr. Joel just played along and laughed thunderously, 'Ha! Exactly! Wouldn't THAT be something! I wish that was me! '"
- Douglas Chin
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10. A few years ago we took my horse-loving daughter to the Royal Windsor Horse Show for her 8th birthday. We spent the morning watching various demonstration classes and watching army and police horses stalk their things, much to the delight of my daughter. I noticed that one of the showing classes had a little more audience than most, so we went over. As we got closer I saw Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew and their daughter Princess Anne watching. "
"All three were plainly dressed for lack of a better description, wore waxed jackets, rubber boots, and both the Queen and her daughter wore their signature country headscarves. As it turned out, one of the Queen's own horses in this show class was .. I bowed." down to my daughter and pointed out, "Look over there, baby. This is the queen. Go and stand a little closer so I can take a picture. "My daughter looked where I was pointing, rolled her eyes and said in her loudest voice," What old lady? Don't be silly mom. This is not the queen! She doesn't even wear a crown! "Needless to say, we didn't get our picture, but we still laugh about it to this day."
- Kelly Evans
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11. “I met a celebrity and he didn't quite say, 'Do you know who I am?' Instead, he just introduced himself. It was in the early 1960s and my father had driven 300 miles in the winter to see this man perform. "
“We stopped to get something to eat at a diner and lo and behold, the man was there. My father, who was never shy, went over and asked him to say hello to my brother and me. So he came over and said, 'Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.' My brother and I were quite shy at that age and couldn't look him in the eye, so he reached into his pockets and pulled out two guitar strings and gave my brother and me one to say I didn't know who he was - he did anticipating this possibility. This is my only fleeting moment of meeting celebrities. "
- Douglas Boulter
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12. "I was walking around Manhattan with my father in the late 1990s when we passed a line in front of Barnes & Noble. Apparently someone named Gene Wilder was doing a book signing. We turned the corner and Gene Wilder got out of his trailer."
“My dad pointed this out to him, and my simple 8 year old mind could only stare at the guy who came out of the trailer. Gene Wilder looked me in the eye, smiled and said, 'Do you know who I am?' I said no. ' My father turns his palms and shouts, 'This is Gene Wilder!' I look at both of them and say, 'Who is Gene Wilder?' After a laugh, Mr. Wilder explains that he played Willy Wonka in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I didn't really understand what the big deal was. "
- Nick Carrillo
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13. "We were in Vancouver, BC for a short vacation at a lovely hotel that seems to have a lot of celebrities staying when they are filming. [My wife] went to the hotel gym and took the elevator with Jeff Goldblum. She knew that he was an actor, but all she could say was, 'You're the guy in the Apple ad, aren't you?' (This dates the encounter.) "
"He said, 'Yes, I am.' She said that her husband (I) was frustrated that she wouldn't get a name (she walked him through the hotel gym all this time), to which he replied, 'Jeff ...' and then she said, 'Yes, sorry . ' Then he tells her her full name. The great thing about this story is that she comes back into the room after a workout and says to me, 'I met a celebrity at the gym!' I said, "Okay, cool. Who was it? "And then he says, 'Jeff GOLDMAN.' I'm like, 'Who?' [She replied], 'JEFF GOLDMAN.' I'm all, "Yeah, I don't know who that is." And then she says, 'The commercial Apple guy!' And then I say: 'You mean JEFF GOLDBLUM.' [She said:] 'YES! THAT'S RIGHT!' "
- Jim Hong
14. "I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas around 1996. I got up early in the morning to go for a walk and went into the city, which was mostly deserted. As I passed various bars and restaurants, I heard music playing and was curious what was going on, so I went inside the building. I went inside, looked further and saw about 20-30 really beautiful black ladies dressed to the nines. About that time a young black man left the area, smiled at me and said hello. "
"I said hello back and asked him what was wrong with the music and the girls. He said, 'We're making a video for MTV.' I told him I thought it was really great and was happy with his success. Then I asked him if he minded asking his name. He said, 'Not at all.' When he told me his name I thought he said 6-pack ... I was embarrassed and admitted I didn't know his music, he said it was okay and then he wished me the best of luck and one pleasant stay during my vacation. He was super nice, open-minded and pleasant. Looking back, it pisses me off that I couldn't take a selfie with him because I didn't know his music. But I'll never forget what a pleasant experience it was to chat with him. I wish he were still with us. RIP Tupac. "
- Mark "Stone" Atherstone
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15. "In 1986 my friend John (who later became a Marine Corps Harrier pilot) got on a plane back to his home state, Alabama. There was a man sitting next to him on the plane and every single person who got on boarded spoke to him and said hello. "
"John looked at him and said, 'You must be a celebrity because everyone seems to know who you are.' The man said, "Are you saying that you don't know who I am? If so, I'll have to fire my publicist. ”John explained that he had spent the past three years as a midshipman at the Naval Academy, banned from watching television and focused on teaching and making sure he graduated Mann introduced himself and said he was and was a comedian. He appeared on TV quite a lot. His name was Jay Leno. "
- Todd Miller
16. "I used to work in a camera shop in my early years and someone came to pick up a camera that was being repaired. I asked his name. It was Paul McCartney. He was very polite in giving me his name."
"No attitude. I've met him a few times after that and he's never been anything other than a nice, sincere person."
- Maureen Hughes
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17. Finally, "I had a friend who ran a shop called Judith Stiles Pottery. I was about 26 at the time, barely surviving in NYC, and acting as an actor in downtown experimental plays. I never had the money to buy any to buy." of Judith's plays, but I lived in the neighborhood and was always in the store. One day she was running errands and asked if I would take care of her 10 year old daughter. "
“So I speak to her daughter, who tells me she wants to be a movie star. After getting rejected several times during auditions, I tell her that while it's a wonderful goal, it's very, very difficult to achieve, and maybe She should find some other things she likes just in case. She got very outraged and told me she was going to be a big star. Yeah, I spent most of an hour patronizing Julia Stiles. "
- Brad Rothbart
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