1964 Dodge 330 HEMI Lightweight: The Beginning To A Mopar Racing Revolution

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A misunderstanding led Chrysler to a completely new platform in the early 1960s. The "B" body platform, although not well received at first, quickly gained popularity due to its short stature.
Plymouth and Dodge "B" bodyshell cars debuted in 1962. With the misunderstanding that Chevrolet would downsize their cars for that model year, Chrysler's designers revised their proposed design on a shortened chassis. Although marketed as "full-size" cars, the "B" bodies were in fact much smaller than Ford and Chevy offerings for the vehicle class, giving the Dodge and Plymouth "B" bodies a clear advantage, if they were equipped with a V8 engine.
Almost simultaneously, as the Mopar bodies lost weight, the Mopar engine options kept getting bigger. The HEMI, now supplanting the 426-cid and combined with the lighter Chrysler offerings, was created for a car that would break Ford's hold on NASCAR and absolutely dominate the NHRA range. The Dodge 330 A864 was a historic advance in Mopar's legendary motorsport record.
This particular 1964 Dodge 330 HEMI Lightweight is one of only 55 examples made this way. It features an aluminum hood, shovel, front bumper, fenders and doors, and an aluminum inlet with double offset Holley carburetors. Side glass is exchanged for thin plastic and rear glass for light Plexiglas, which encloses the interior of the vehicle. In addition, there are lightweight bucket seats, radio and extinguishing plates in the factory. The rear seats were also painted at the factory. Under the hood is a 426-cid HEMI with 12.5: 1 compression supported by a race-ready 727 TorqueFlite high-performance automatic transmission. The factory exhaust system implemented cutouts, a single muffler and only one exhaust outlet.
According to a trusted history file, various invoices, and a report by Galen Govier, this car is believed to be optional as built with its original engine, although there are no identifiable markings on this engine. In any case, this 1964 Dodge 330 HEMI Lightweight, the rightful predecessor of the legendary Charger and Roadrunner HEMI models, would be a great addition to any collection.
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