1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda Takes On 1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV

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These two old-school muscle cars compete in a race to decide who is faster: GM or Mopar?
When it comes to classic muscle cars, two years stand out from the crowd of classic cars. Those years are 1970 and 1969 when some of the most notable American muscle cars were produced to ever see the streets of Detroit. Two cars that take the title for the best cars to ever tear the streets in this period are the 1969 Pontiac GTO and the 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda. These cars were mostly known for their engine options, with KPIs between 370 and 426 hp included. The “Cuda” in particular is a car that has remained popular with the public since it was first designed. So what happens when these cars compete against each other in a race to be the fastest car?
Under the 1970 bonnet, Plymouth ‘Cuda is a 426 ci Hemi V8 rated at 426 hp that was incredibly fast for the time. That power is transferred to the ground through a set of 4.10 gears, which makes this thing extremely fast. At 3768 lbs, this 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda is a relatively lightweight car for the classic muscle car era of the 1970s. Powered by an incredible 400 ci Ram Air IV V8 that produces 370 horsepower and 445 ft / lb of torque in the 4.33 gears, the GTO is more than enough to get this masterpiece down the quarter mile in a show of grace and brutality to blow up. How do these iconic American legends compare on the drag strip?
When the cars entered the race that would make or break their reputation as the fastest classic muscle car, there was a thick air of tension among the drivers. As soon as the lights turned green, both cars shot down the line, with the ‘Cuda taking the lead with 11.81 seconds compared to the 12.10 second GTO run. Round two produced similar results, with the 'Cuda battling it out for victory. Finally, the third race showed the same results, with the GTO's time slipping because it was spinning the tires at the start. Ladies and gentlemen, the results are precise; In this battle between Mopar and GM, Mopar wins!
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