2 Shampoo Ingredients Experts Swear By To Regrow Thinning Hair

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Woman gets shampoo hair salon
Thinning hair is one of those hair problems that can make people panic. If you've noticed more hair than usual on your brush or on the bathroom floor, whether it's the result of stress, hormonal changes, or aging, you might be tempted to hit every beauty salon within five miles and buy every single serum and shampoo, that makes big promises for thinning hair.
But don't do that just yet. If your product doesn't contain effective hair strengthening ingredients, you could be wasting your time and money. And it can only make you feel frustrated in all ways. Shopping in the ingredients list of the products is the best choice. dr Anju Methil, MBBS, DVD, MD, Dermatology and Cosmetology at ClinicSpots, offers two shampoo ingredients (plus an additional choice) that experts swear by to regrow thinning hair. Choose better ingredients and products before shopping for better results.
Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is a water-soluble supplement — and probably one you've heard a lot about in connection with stronger, healthier hair. "It helps promote healthy hair growth by improving the condition of both the scalp and hair strands," said Dr. methil. “Biotin helps strengthen and thicken hair strands, giving them more volume and fullness. In addition, biotin can help encourage new growth, causing your hair to grow thicker over time.”
Make sure biotin is one of the main ingredients in your shampoo (which means it's pretty high up on the ingredient list).
saw palmetto
"Saw palmetto extract, when added to shampoo, can provide numerous hair benefits," enthused Dr. methil. “This active ingredient can deliver a significant boost of natural nutrients to the scalp. It can help nourish and strengthen hair follicles, resulting in healthier, thicker strands. In addition, saw palmetto extract can help preserve the scalp's natural oils and prevent dryness and irritation. This helps fight dandruff and other common scalp problems.”
This natural ingredient also works to keep excess sebum (oil) at bay, making it a great choice for oily scalps too. "This helps create an ideal balance on the scalp while providing protection from damage or breakage," said Dr. methil. “It also gives the hair a nice, shiny shine. Additionally, saw palmetto has been found to help strengthen and thicken existing hair follicles.”
When combined with biotin, these two ingredients can help improve your hair's health and thickness, confirmed Dr. methil. "They work by providing the follicles and scalp with essential nutrients, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, all of which help promote healthy hair growth," said Dr. methil.
But dr Methil advises including a third ingredient in your hair care routine as well:
Keratin is a protein that helps strengthen and protect existing strands of hair, making them look thicker and fuller, said Dr. methil. “Shampoos with keratin can help thinning hair by providing an additional source of this powerful protein. With regular use, these shampoos can help thicken and condition hair strands, giving them more body and shine. Keratin-based shampoos also work to strengthen hair follicles, which can help reduce breakage and prevent further thinning.”
Several DHT-blocking shampoos contain one, and often several or all, of these conditioning ingredients. One to try? PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo that is safe for all hair types including color treated hair.

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