2 suspects in Michigan kidnapping plot are US Marines who were recently-discharged

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Michigan Governor's Office via AP
Two of the men charged with terrorist crimes and a conspiracy to kidnap the Michigan governor are Marine Corps veterans, a service spokesman told the Marine Corps Times.
Joseph Morrison, 26, was a Navy reservist who was reportedly released as a Lance Corporal on Thursday, the day the charges were announced.
Another Marine veteran, Daniel Harris, 23, was an infantryman and was discharged in 2019.
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Two of the men charged with terrorist crimes and a conspiracy to kidnap the Michigan governor Thursday are Marine Corps veterans, a service spokesman said.
A Marine Corps spokesman told the Marine Corps Times Saturday that Joseph Morrison, 26, has been a marine reservist since 2015. Morrison was reportedly sacked Thursday as a Lance Corporal, a junior member of the military.
The spokesman told the Marine Corps Times that his recent release had nothing to do with the alleged conspiracy in which he was involved.
Morrison was one of the co-founders of an armed militant group known as the "Wolverine Watchmen" according to state investigators. The group is said to have had a broad goal of fomenting a "civil war that would lead to the collapse of society".
Another Marine veteran, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, entered the service at age 18, according to the Marine Corps Times in 2015. Harris, an infantryman, was released in 2019.
Harris was one of six men charged by federal prosecutors on alleged conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer.
The two veterans military awards mentioned in the report were inconspicuous.
Joseph Morrison, left, and Daniel Harris. Associated Press
A total of six men, including Harris, are charged with conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Seven other people, including Morrison, are charged with terrorism.
The group, which has ties to the amorphous militant "Boogaloo" movement, allegedly urged its members to monitor Governor Whitmer's private home and gather information on law enforcement officers in order to kill them.
Adam Fox, one of the six men charged in the conspiracy, was quoted as saying it would take "200 men" to attack the Lansing Capitol and take hostages, including Whitmer.
"Grab and grab, man. Grab the governor. Just take the b-" Fox said during a July 27 meeting that was recorded by an informant under the affidavit. "Because we do that at this point, dude - it's over."
Governor Whitmer has been criticized by conservative activists for the state's response to the coronavirus. In April, Whitmer extended a home stay order that placed restrictions on businesses deemed essential. The order was later overturned as part of the state's reopening plans. According to a federal affidavit, the staff of the armed group characterized Whitmer as "tyrants b ----".
Harris' attorney denied that his client's alleged involvement was intentional.
"All of this is something he didn't envision, so he gave me information that led me to question at least some of the things that are related in the complaint," said Parker Douglas, Harris WJRT's attorney -TV. "And that just means that certain things have been said or associated that he believes have been taken out of context."
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