2002 Chevy Corvette Avelate Split Window Coupe

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This modern Corvette has a vintage silhouette.
A few 2002 Corvettes got a conversion called Avelate, only 30 to be precise. Of those few 30, only 11 were created with the split window option. The package came at the price of a whopping $ 100,000 to make it the car you see, but examples can sometimes be bought for a bargain to get you into a six-figure car for a fraction of the price. Examples like this 2002 Chevy Corvette Avelate Split Window Coupe from Vicari won't want to ignore a collector of one-of-a-kind cars - it's a rare find that won't reappear anytime soon.
What is a 2002 Chevy Corvette Avelate Split Window Coupe? It's mostly what you see and will make a lot of onlookers think it's a 1963 or other C2 Corvette, at least if you walk past them. The unique appearance combines many styles, united in one car and powered by the best of the era of the early 2000s, the LS engine.
The focus of the style is on the iconic Stingray generation with curved lines and a shark-like front end. This example has the split window, directly reminiscent of the iconic 1963 Corvette, the only year the split window was actually made at the factory. All the body panels have been redesigned and you can see the fascinating body in person when you add them to your collection.
This car is being sold at the Vicari Biloxi sale. If you would like to drop off a car here or would like to register in order to bid here, please visit vicari.com.
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