2021 C8 Corvette Orders Canceled Amidst Parts Shortage

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The American mid-engined sports car is still pretty rare ...
On June 3, Chevrolet sent a notice to its dealer network stating that the June allocation cycle for 2021 C8 Corvettes has been canceled. This is disappointing news to many, but the automaker stated that all accepted orders with event code 3000 and above will continue to be placed.
Find out more about the recent unplanned shutdown in Corvette production here.
In the letter to dealers, Chevrolet explains that production for the Corvette Stingrays will have to cease in 2021 so that production of the 2022 model year can begin in the second half of the third quarter. We already know that the Bowling Green Assembly Plant stopped production for a week last month due to a lack of components. The automaker mentions that the letter's emphasis on the unscheduled downtime was not due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips.
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Whatever the cause of the May shutdown, the bottom line is that there will be significantly fewer Corvette Stingrays in 2021 than estimated at the start of production. The same happened for the 2020 model year.
The big question now is, will Corvette production start on time in 2022 and will there be production stops or a reduction in the number of mid-engined sports cars? Chevrolet said in the letter, “... as we enter the third model year of the mid-engined Corvette, we will evolve into the Available Days' Supply (ADS) allocation method, which is used for all Chevrolet allocation groups so there is no longer a need for special ones Allocation guides. ”From this you can conclude what you want.
One thing Chevrolet absolutely refuses to answer is what parts are in short supply for the C8 Corvette. The fact that it is only said that the components are related to the chip shortage doesn't say much to dealers or others. This lack of information is worrying.
Photo credit: GM
The number of Corvettes that have been removed from the blueprint is also left out. Chevrolet says it doesn't provide this type of information for any of its vehicles, but we're betting if it did the number would be shocking to both investors and customers.
GM has already fallen on the nose with the global scarcity of processing chips. AutoForecast estimates that over 270,000 vehicles were taken out of production by last month. That number will undoubtedly rise quite a bit by the end of 2021. And it is estimated that the chip shortage will last at least until the beginning of 2022, and the production setbacks will probably not stop until then. But so far, GM appears to have prioritized the C8 Corvettes for chips, so production at Bowling Green hasn't been impacted.
The production of C8 Corvettes has been fraught with problems that have kept supply low, which in turn increases their collectability. However, for people who want to experience the mid-engine layout of America's sports cars, the production shutdowns due to strikes, COVID-19 restrictions, and parts shortages are simply frustrating.
If you haven't been able to get a 2021 Corvette Stingray despite ordering, you'll need to work with the dealer to convert it to a 2022. Hope there are no major production problems next year.
Source: Corvette Action Center
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