2021 Ford F-150 early builds reportedly sidelined for fixes

The 2021 F-150 appears to be another victim of quality control issues at Ford as the company has reportedly filled the parking lots in the Detroit area with early production models that need further inspection, repairs and components, the Detroit Free Press reported late wednesday.
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According to reports, the trucks are due for quality checks and post-production repairs. To further exacerbate the problem, UAW workers at the Flat Rock Assembly plant said they saw non-union workers being brought in for repair at a location not far from the facility.
A UAW employee reported seeing charter buses. Union officials are aware of the problem and are investigating it. Union workers at Flat Rock told the Freep that their hours had recently been cut.
According to the report, these suspected contractors helped with quality inspections and repairs, and some even installed safety equipment. It was not made clear whether these components were completely missing or just not properly installed.
A Ford spokesman told the paper that the problems only affect the trucks that are already reserved for further inspections. Samples now rolling off the line at Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant are being shipped direct to dealers, she said.
You will be forgiven for experiencing a sense of deja vu as this appears to follow the script of Ford's 2020 Explorer and the Lincoln Aviator launched just over a year ago. Ford has shipped some of its SUVs hundreds of miles for secondary quality inspections and repairs. Some examples have collected so many kilometers that the dealers no longer looked for them.
The issues with the Explorer and Aviator were so widespread that they impacted the company's sales volume in Q3 2019, and reportedly contributed to executive restructuring over the past year.
You can read the full report of the Freep here.
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