2021 NFL mock draft roundup 4.0: Wild quarterback scenarios

Wild Quarterback Scenarios in Latest Eagles Mock Draft Roundup originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia
The NFL free agency starts in less than three weeks and the draft is not far behind.
The Eagles hold the number 6 in the draft and they have many fascinating options.
Let's take another look:
CBS Sports, Ryan Wilson
Mac Jones, QB, Alabama
What They Said: Who knows what the Eagles will do with the No. 6 selection, but it's hard to imagine they weren't shown in this week 17th game just to take in a wideout or offensive lineman . And with Carson Wentz in Indy, there has to be a Plan B behind Jalen Hurts reunited with his former Alabama teammate Mac Jones.
My attitude: Wow. This would be surprising for several reasons. First, Jones isn't considered by most to be one of the best quarterbacks in this class. Second, drawing him at 6 probably wouldn't be the best value for money. If the Eagles really like Jones that's fine, but they could move down and get him anyway. Would you risk that? Not sure. But I know the design has only value for Howie Roseman.
SI.com, Ryan Roberts
Trade up to 3: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
What they said: WE HAVE A TRADE! The Philadelphia Eagles swap their selections for the first round 2021 (# 6 overall), one selection for the third round 2021 (# 84 overall) and the defensive end Derek Barnett for the Miami Dolphins for the # 3 selection.
We still have a deal! With Penei Sewell off the board and a slew of talented pass catchers to choose from, the Dolphins become another major backbone of the trade. With the recent deal with Carson Wentz, the Eagles are playing around with the idea of ​​whether or not the second year Pro Jalen Hurts is the starter in the future. A strange pick from the start, an earlier round two pick with four career starts, won't stop Philadelphia from picking a quarterback they like.
While Trey Lance could offer a higher uptrend than Fields in the long run, it could be difficult for the fan base to get another quarterback from the state of North Dakota after the Wentz era ends. From a talent perspective, Fields is worth the pick. The inability to nurture that talent will be critically important to new head coach Nick Sirianni and the company.
My Opinion: There is a lot to do here. This design started with Trevor Lawrence and then began trading the Bengals to bring Penei Sewell out of Oregon. So the eagles advance to take fields. While I'm not sure about the price, I don't think the possibility that the Eagles will act to get a quarterback is that insane. It's probably not what I would do, but if taking a sixth-place quarterback is an option, then acting to take a better one is also an option. Because if the Eagles identify their quarterback in this draft, they'll have to do whatever it takes to get him. If that means trading up to 3 then it makes sense.
CBS Sports, Josh Edwards
Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
What They Said: Zach Ertz won't be in Philadelphia long. The Eagles need passport catchers and are not limited to wide receivers. Kyle Pitts is a unique weapon that is not classified as a traditional inline blocker. It can be bent and moved in Nick Sirianni's offense.
My Opinion: Pitts is a really fascinating option. Some people would not be happy with it because it is close and I understand. But he's a dynamic player who will be causing insane matchup issues on the next level. Edwards mentions Sirianni's offense, which is important. Sirianni has a clear affinity for the tight end position and emphasizes that matchup problems arise with tight ends. So I wouldn't rule out this possibility. But in this draft, four quarterbacks go to five before the Eagles and Sewell picks. So the Eagles in this scenario leave all three top receivers up to Pitts. I wouldn't pass Ja'Marr Chase on.
NFL.com, Daniel Jeremiah
Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
What They Said: I can't imagine Zach Ertz being on the Eagles' list for the 2021 season. However, Philadelphia continues to ensure that its QB1 - whoever it is - has a stellar duo on the close end in Pitts and Dallas Goedert.
My Opinion: In this mock-up, Chase goes 3rd to the Dolphins. In this case, I think the likelihood of the Eagles taking Pitts increases.
NFL.com, Charley Casserly
DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
What They Said: With the Eagles moving on from DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery this off-season, the team needs to add another pass catcher.
My Opinion: Smith was a popular pick for the Eagles and with Chase off the board at 3, Casserly the Eagles has the next best recipient in this class. This bill design was interesting for other reasons. Casserly has Pitts up to 15 and Fields up to selection number 24. On one mock draft this week, the Eagles are trading to get Fields at 3, and on another one it drops to 24.
The draft of the network, Trevor Sikkema
Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
What They Said: Maybe Howie Roseman will draw a broad receiver this early? But I doubt it, especially if an offensive line upgrade is possible. The Eagles plan to have Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks back, and hopefully Jason Kelce as well. They also hope that health will be much more on their side in 2021. There's reason to believe they could go with Andre Dillard or Jordan Mailata as their left tackle, but why risk such a crucial offensive line when they're confident like Sewell? is on the board? I don't think they would.
My Opinion: We probably haven't talked about Sewell as much as we should. If he's available at option # 6, he's definitely in the game. The Eagles and Roseman were never shy when it came to building around their lines, especially their OL. The presence of Jordan Mailata or Andre Dillard shouldn't stop the Eagles from taking on a top talent in attacking position when Sewell is available. I suspect this is not the case. But passing Chase on in this scenario would be hard to swallow.
USA Today, Nate Davis
Yes'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
What They Said: There is already speculation that they could take on another quarterback to apply for the starting job after deciding to part ways with Carson Wentz. But it makes more sense to give the sophomore passer-by, Jalen Hurts, a fair shot to thrive, and there's no better way to do it than winning the highly gifted chase - he averaged 21 in 2019, 2 yards per catch while playing with Burrow and is a weapon on any level of the field. Jalen Reagor, nowhere near the player Chase is playing, helps the whole unit.
My Opinion: If he's there, Chase would be my choice. He was the best recipient in the country two years ago and if he hasn't forgotten to play soccer in the last year he'll be good at the NFL.
ESPN, Mel Kiper Jr.
Yes'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
What They Said: After trading Carson Wentz away, Jalen Hurts tops the Eagles' quarterback depth map from round two of 2020. And I feel like he has a chance to start next season's week 1 and try to be Philly's long-term answer, even though he only did 52% of his passes last season. The Eagles are having big problems with the salary cap and this won't be a year-long remodel for new coach Nick Sirianni. I wouldn't be surprised if they make it into the top 10 next year too. Drafting the chase here will allow for a better rating of hurts in 2021. He's a real number 1 with a high ceiling. After leaving the 2020 season, Chase will have the opportunity to train for teams on March 31 on the LSU Pro Day. There he could inspire scouts and coaches and end up as number 1 in this class.
My Opinion: Everything makes sense to me. I like the idea that the Eagles see what they got in Hurts, but I also think they'll be doing their homework on these quarterbacks too. If you don't fall in love with either of them, give Hurts a shot and drawing Chase at this point would help.
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