2022 Bentley Bentayga gets the world's largest production carbon wheels

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Carbon rims are becoming increasingly popular on sports cars, and for obvious reasons: They are light and strong. Now the technology is coming into SUVs as the Bentley Bentayga will soon have the option of woven and molded wheels.
The wheels available will be 22 inches in diameter, making them the largest carbon fiber wheels in production, according to Bentley. You can also rest assured that they are safe for a multi-ton SUV as they pass the strict German TÜV tests and regulations. And they keep the promise of lightweight because each wheel weighs about 13 pounds less than an aluminum counterpart. Not only is that good for performance, but we bet they are better handling too.
Bentley also highlights a few other advantages of the carbon fiber wheels. Below that there is greater rigidity. Bentley says aluminum wheels can bend up to one degree per G of force under load. And supposedly the reduced flex helps to reduce tire wear. We seriously doubt a Bentayga driver will notice. Heck, we doubt many auto enthusiasts would actually notice. But hey, luxury isn't just what you'll really notice.
We really suspect that most of the people who buy these wheels will because they like the look of the exposed carbon. And, as Bentley also mentions, it should go well with the available carbon exterior packages. If you want to buy a Bentayga with these wheels, they will be available later this year. The price was not disclosed.
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