2022 Ford Bronco: Car and Driver 10Best

Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver
For decades, Jeep Wrangler buyers have settled for less, because that's how things had to be if you wanted an SUV that could be taken anywhere, with a roof and doors that could be removed. While there is an argument that much of the Jeep's appeal lies in its antiquated charm, Ford's new Bronco proves that there is a much better way.
While the Wrangler is tenaciously archaic, the Bronco is charismatically nostalgic. It effectively evokes the spirit of its ancestor - the beachy first-generation Bronco from the 1960s - and optimizes the formula just enough to be a modern SUV that is comfortable for everyday driving. The Wrangler-Stick with recirculating ball steering and rigid axles at the front and rear; In contrast, the Bronco's more modern rack and pinion steering and independent suspension make it much more comfortable and refined on the road without sacrificing a lot of rock creep ability.
We didn't pick the Bronco for this award just because it's a better Wrangler - it's a lot more. It is full of personality and represents a triumph of intelligent ideas, clever technology and good timing. Though the Bronco name had disappeared from Ford dealerships for about two decades, its return has generated a level of fanaticism that is only seen in the rare moments when a highly anticipated re-release actually lives up to the hype.
Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver
It helps that the Bronco fits in perfectly with the current off-road craze and that Ford has done a good job catering to (read: ingratiate) dirt enthusiasts. Demand for the Bronco has gone through the roof - no pun intended - given the production problems that keep many customers waiting for their trucks. Would-be owners continue to post excitedly as they track the production status of their vehicle like they're watching a domino's pizza delivery. This is the passion that can arise when an automaker listens to what people want instead of relying on gimmicks and marketing.
The right ingredients - a body on frame and a removable hood - would probably have been enough for the Bronco's success, but Ford went one step further and enhanced the truck's character with good workmanship. Not only is steering better than a Wrangler's; it's accurate and precise. The turbocharged 2.3-liter in-line four-cylinder and twin-turbo 2.7-liter V-6 engines have plenty of torque to cope with the Bronco's massive weight. (Its extra weight is one of the few specs that it lags behind the Jeep on.) And the interior is a nice place to spend time, with crisp screens, comfy seats, a spacious back seat, and easy-to-use controls.
It's not often that vehicles of this type come within an accessible price range, but the Bronco starts off just over $ 30,000, and even well-equipped models go under $ 50,000. Most of all, the entire Bronco experience - driving, looking, and being seen - is just plain fun.
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