2022 Ford Maverick revealed — hybrid pickup gets 37 mpg, costs $21,490

The Ford Maverick 2022 is the pickup truck buyer buyers have been screaming for since the last generation Ford Ranger passed away a decade ago. While basically different in every way, Ford hopes the Maverick will regain some of those lost buyers while attracting new ones drawn by its fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, refined unibody street manners, and low entry-level price - just $ 21,490 ($ 19,995 + $ 1,495 for the destination).

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What is it?
Maverick will be a true compact pickup in the style of the old Ranger - the one Ford discontinued in 2011 - but with an entirely different underlying platform. The Maverick is based on a unibody chassis with front-wheel drive. It's about a foot shorter than a Crew Cab Ranger and nearly three feet (32 inches) shorter than a Super Crew, Short-Box F-150. Prices are the same, with the top notch lariat starting just under $ 25,000 from the finish line - a few grand cheaper than the ranger.
The entry-level XL is available as standard as a front-wheel drive hybrid with 191 total horsepower. From there, you can upgrade to a 250-horsepower turbo gasoline engine with 277 pound-feet of torque and all-wheel drive available. Ford expects the hybrid model to be rated at 40 mpg city, 33 mpg highway, and 37 mpg combined. Yes, these numbers apply to the base model. Front-wheel drive models are paired with a semi-independent twist beam rear suspension, while the AWD Turbo gets a completely independent rear setup. The careful reader will notice that we seem to be skipping at least one critical configuration there; we'll come back to that.
What can I do?
The Maverick's towing and payload specifications fit neatly below those of the Ranger, too. The base to tow is 2,000 pounds, with up to 4,000 available for the gas engine model with an additional tow package. The maximum payload for both models is 1,500 pounds - not too shabby. This lacks all of Ford's advanced new bed features, such as the Pro Power Onboard or tailgate work surface options offered on the F-150. The Maverick has pre-wired 12-volt pickups behind grommets in the bed for those looking to add aftermarket powered accessories, and there's an optional 400-watt 110-volt in bed for those who run basic tools or tailgate accessories have to .
The 4.5 foot bed is wide enough to place a 4x8 sheet of plywood over the wheel arches and has molded-in supports to accommodate just that. The tailgate can be fully lowered or locked at 45 ° with its height aligned with the above props to keep your 4x8 flat. In this position, the tailgate can support up to 400 pounds. With a flat tailgate, the loading floor of the bed is extended to 6 '.
Inside, the Maverick is a mix of Escape and Bronco Sport styling elements, with a few unique details to make it stand out. The materials are durable and plastic, but the design is interesting and attractive. The standard infotainment system is an 8-inch widescreen device that is retained in the upper equipment variants, but is supported with more functions (navigation, extended sync functions). The interior is full of storage compartments and storage compartments, and under the second row of seats there is even a large storage compartment under the seat with an easy-care surface for things that are too precious for the bed but too dirty for the floor.
Wait a minute, where is the AWD hybrid?
A-ha, the elephant in the room. Ford will not offer the Maverick Hybrid with all-wheel drive at the start. If this seems like a big mistake to you, you are not alone, but if there's anything we've learned from pickup manufacturers overall, it's that they listen to their customers. If you want this configuration, say so. Use the comments here, indeed. Trust us. Ford reads.
The reality is that thanks to the platform that underlies the Maverick, Ford can do a lot more than we see here. It's the same global compact architecture found in the Escape, Bronco Sport, Kuga, and Focus (RIP), and anything bolted to one of them could find its way into Ford's new pickup truck, from the Bronco Sport's available dual-clutch rear differential to zumco The available plug-in hybrid powertrain from Escape is all on the table.
But what is it now?
Even so, the Maverick's list of superlatives is impressive. It will be the cheapest vehicle in Ford's range and the cheapest hybrid on the market. It should go without saying that it will also be the cheapest pickup truck you can buy - on stickers anyway - which should help Ford attract not only truck buyers but also those who want something inexpensive from a domestic dealer. With that in mind, the Maverick is replacing not only the old compact Ranger, but also the Focus and Fiesta, and Ford is hoping it will recapture some of the buyers who may have followed the company's compact four-door cars out on the doorstep.
Ford is betting big on getting small. Maverick is cheap and a hybrid; this is remarkable, but there is more to it. Hybrids have established themselves as fuel-efficient vehicles, but are often more expensive upfront, at least when compared to their equivalents. Maverick, who is in a class of his own, has no such contemporaries. The Maverick isn't necessarily alone in that, but it's the only example with a starting price below $ 19,995 (before finish) and certainly the only one with a cargo bed.

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