2022 Ford Maverick size comparison: How big is it vs. Ranger, F-150?

The 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup has arrived, and it's a really fascinating part of the kit. One question we had (and we're sure many of you do too) is how does its size compare to the other Ford pickup options.
Ford only had the F-series and its multiple configurations a few years ago. Then the ranger came. Now the Maverick joins the pair among Ford's rapidly growing pickup options. That means there are three truck sizes for three different applications. The drivetrains and unibody construction obviously set the Maverick apart from the rest, but it's hard to gauge the scale just by looking at artistic press photos of a pickup truck.
To solve this, Ford created a handy graphic that shows exactly how much smaller the Maverick is compared to its other pickups. You can read about that at the top of this post. Compared to its closest neighbor, the Ranger, it is 11.1 inches shorter. That's almost a foot subtracted from the front and back. The hardest hit area is the Maverick's bed. It's a 4.5-foot bed, while the SuperCrew-sized Ranger has a 5-foot bed (61 inches to be precise). We'll use the supercrew for comparison as it's the closest thing to the Maverick's exclusive four-door setup. If you choose the Ranger Supercab, you are working with a larger 6-foot bed.
You'll notice a slight difference in rear legroom between the Maverick and the Ranger, but the Maverick wins that comparison. Where the Ranger maxes out at 34.5 inches, the Maverick offers a max of 36.9 inches (or 35.9 inches on the Hybrid). That gives you an idea of ​​where the priorities for these pickups are - the Ranger is meant for work and play, while the Maverick is more of a family vehicle with a bed or crossover alternative. The difference in elevation is minimal, but the ranger is 2.4 inches taller. However, the Maverick has more space in the cabin again and beats the Ranger by 1.3 inches in the headroom in the second row. The Maverick's slightly reduced width should help make parking and maneuvering a little easier than with a Ranger. It's 2.3 inches thinner (if you include the mirrors) which makes daily life easier.
The difference between the Maverick and an F-150 is where things go. Your typical F-150 Supercrew with a 5.5-foot bed is 231.7 "long, 32" longer than a Maverick. That means the Maverick is very likely to fit if your garage is just a few feet too short to hold an F-150. The extra length of the F-150 pays off in the interior. The legroom in the rear is a massive 43.6 inches, 6.7 inches more than the Maverick at its best (no hybrid). The F-150 is still the top choice when you want a mountain of space and a super airy interior, but the Maverick seems more than enough for kids or smaller adults to get comfortable. In addition, when entering narrow parking garages, you will not be suspicious of the signs for the maximum height. The Maverick's tighter turning radius will also help you in the garage.
It's hardly worth comparing, but Ford built in an F-250 Super Duty configured as a crew cab, with a short box for extra perspective. The Maverick is 20% smaller and almost a foot shorter. That says more about how gigantic the biggest pickups are today than how small the Maverick is, but it's still a helpful comparison for understanding how big the Maverick is.
You can see this little pickup truck in person at dealership places this fall and do your own comparisons and contrasts to see if it's the right size to fit into your life.
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