2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Comes into Clearer View

Photo credit: KGP Photography - Car and Driver
From the car and driver
We spotted a three-row 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee test that wears less camouflage than the last one we saw.
It could have a front end similar to that of the Grand Wagoneer concept, and it has thin, sharp-looking taillights.
We'll learn more about the new three-row Grand Cherokee in early 2021, which is slated to hit dealerships late next year.
Jeep's popular Grand Cherokee SUV expands its offering with a three-row model that will compete against popular three-row SUVs like the Kia Telluride. The redesigned SUV will likely keep its two-row model as well, but this prototype we spotted while testing gives a clearer look at the upcoming six- or seven-seat variant.
Photo credit: KGP Photography - Car and Driver
Compared to the last Grand Cherokee we saw, this test car has far less camouflage and shows more SUV proportions similar to those of the Dodge Durango. We can also see more of the redesigned front end and taillights. We believe that the new front end could borrow style elements from the full-size Grand Wagoneer - especially in the headlights and grille. The taillights are also significantly thinner than those on the current model and look dashing.
The three-row version has a longer wheelbase than the two-row Grand Cherokee. Both models are expected to have more interior and cargo space than the outgoing model thanks to a stretched version of the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform from the Giulia sedan and the Stelvio SUV. There will also be significant improvements to the interior, including a larger touchscreen, digital instrument cluster, rotary knob, and nicer materials. Well-equipped versions could even invade the realm of luxury SUVs like the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class.
Expect FCA's Pentastar 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V-6 to be the Grand Cherokee's base three-row engine with a more powerful V-8. We were also able to see more powerful models from SRT, and maybe even the over 700hp supercharged V-8 will find its way under the hood as the Durango now has a 710hp SRT Hellcat model. A plug-in hybrid powertrain may also be available.
Photo credit: KGP Photography - Car and Driver
The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to hit the market in early 2021 and reach dealerships by the end of the year. We'll soon learn more about the new three-row Grand Cherokee.
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