2022 Toyota Tundra spy photos show the new truck's interior

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Thanks to some ridiculously cropped teaser images, we already knew the 2022 Toyota Tundra would have a windshield, rearview mirror, sun visors, steering wheel, and dashboard with a centrally mounted infotainment screen. Shocking, we know that. There will also be a panoramic sunroof, at least in some trim levels. While none of these revelations come as much of a surprise, a new set of spy photos gives us a bit more detail about the interior of the next-generation tundra.
Based on the comparatively small size of the infotainment screen and the cluster of instruments with actual displays (as opposed to a purely digital screen), we're going to suspect that the particular tundra that stars in this impromptu photo shoot is not a top of the line model. We also see a surprising amount of glossy black and matte silver plastic, material trends that were popular a decade ago. Fortunately, there's attractive styling along with what appears to be a much more ergonomic layout than in the current truck, which has lots of buttons and dials quite a distance from the driver. The only knob we see is for the volume (perfect for turning up the grunge on the lithium transmitter on the satellite radio).
Below the touchscreen is another digital screen that features old school display technology. On the positive side, it's easy to read. A USB connector sits on the right and a few clunky levers separate the screen from a series of buttons. Further down in the center console are additional levers or buttons and a console-mounted shift lever for what we would expect in a 10-speed automatic transmission. There's a solid chance that rumors of a turbocharged V6 will prove correct too.
This tundra mule pulls its way through the interior, wearing heavy camouflage from head to tow. Particular attention was paid near the rear axle, probably hiding what we believe coil springs to support a solid rear axle. In addition, these recordings do not reveal anything externally that we have not already seen. There is a bright white Ram in front of it, but we are not sure if Toyota has this truck there for benchmarking purposes or if it is just a lucky coincidence.
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