2024 Chevy Camaro ‘Collector’s Edition’ Will Be The Final One

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You have 3 years to develop it, but it will appear to be the last of its kind.
While GM hasn't officially announced plans to (again) kill the exceptionally popular Chevy Camaro, the writing seems to be on the wall (once again). The latest piece of the puzzle that indicates the Camaro is on the final countdown is that GM is releasing a Collector's Edition model and calling it the last of the Camaro.
There's a photo around that we're only going to hope is the car, but GM has consistently disappointed us since the weird redesign of the sixth-generation mid-generation Camaro, so no one is holding their breath here. We're pretty sure the package will be called the "Collector's Edition" and, like the Camaro itself, will be the sixth generation shipper.
Like any other special edition Camaro, it will get graphics, badges, and maybe some accents, but the extent is still unknown. It will be limited to 2,000 cars and features of the LT, SS and ZL1 models, the price is unknown.
It's not possible to finalize further details at this time, but our wish list would include some serious aero upgrades, more power and thus not farewell to the Camaro, but GM is clearly leaving the Camaro out in the rain. Pictured at the top is just a concept that acts as a placeholder, but if GM listened to the fans, they would adopt that as the Collector's Edition.
What is rumored to replace the Camaro, which sounds not so much like a replacement as a completely different car, is supposed to be an electric "performance" sedan. When GM gets into the performance sedan segment, they have a lot of work to do to keep up with Dodge, and even the Mach-E will be hard to catch up for the brand so it will be interesting to see who follow this one.
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