2024 VW ID. Buzz Electric Van's U.S. On-Sale Date Confirmed

Photo credit: Volkswagen
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The 2024 Volkswagen I.D.Buzz will make it to the US market in the 2023 calendar after a market launch in Europe in 2022, according to Carsten Intra, head of the brand's commercial vehicles division.
The highly anticipated electric descendant of the Microbus will produce up to 300 horsepower, and US buyers can only get it with a long wheelbase.
The Buzz will not be available as a work vehicle on the US market, but as an upscale people carrier.
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It's the cutest van ever, or at least the "love bus" since the 1960s / 1970s, and it should play an important role in popularizing electric vehicles. It is therefore important that Volkswagen has clarified the date of issue of the ID. Buzz, which was confirmed today by Carsten Intra for the launch of the US market in calendar year 2023. Head of the commercial vehicle division at Volkswagen.
Intra confirmed for the first time that the ID. Buzz will arrive in the US in 2023 as the 2024 model after the ID was introduced in 2022. Buzz in Europe. Here the list is a little reduced and more upscale.
In Europe, the ID. Buzz is available in passenger car and commercial vehicle versions as well as optionally with a short or long wheelbase. The US market receives a reduced portfolio: The ID. Buzz is only offered as a long wheelbase car. However, there can be up to three battery sizes. The entry-level model will likely be a rear-wheel drive version with around 200 horsepower, and there will be a top-of-the-line all-wheel drive version that will produce up to 300 horsepower.
Photo credit: Volkswagen
In Europe the commercial version of the ID. Buzz will be available as a fully autonomous vehicle (see above), but it will come quite a bit later than the regular badge. Buzz and it's unlikely to ever get to the US. It will be the VW Group's first fully autonomous car on the market.
The ID. Buzz is built in Hanover, about 35 miles west of Wolfsburg, together with large and luxurious electric SUVs that are produced there for various brands of the Volkswagen Group. We expect the first of these so-called "D-SUVs" in 2024 for 2025 and the following model years.
The ID. Buzz is part of VW's rapidly growing EV range, which currently includes ID.3 only for Europe and Asia and the ID.4 crossover. A coupe version of the ID.4 called ID.5 will follow soon, while China will receive an extended ID.6. Other models have already been decided, including a low premium hatchback and a shooting brake positioned well above the Arteon. However, there will still be conventionally powered VWs, including a next-generation Passat and a Tiguan.
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