21-Year-Old Cat Brothers Find a New Home After Desperate Plea: 'They Just Should Not Be in Rescue'

SWNS Leon and Nikita
Hopefully two cats in the UK have found homes to spend their golden years.
At the age of 21, the cats Leon and Nikita have significantly exceeded the life expectancy of the average moggy. Unfortunately, the older duo recently needed a new home.
Over the weekend, the RSPCA Northamptonshire office called for the duo to be "retired" after the family they were with could not look after them.
"They are just such beautiful cars and they just shouldn't be rescued at 21," said Michelle Billingham, animal caretaker at the animal rescue service, to Northampton Chronicle & Echo.
"Because of their age, we are very keen to get these lovely boys into a new home as soon as possible," the RSPCA said on its website. "Leon and Nikita are a loving couple who enjoy chin-tickling and human company."
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The RSPCA said the cats would do best in a "quiet home with no children" and that Nikita had recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and will need blood tests in the next few weeks.
After hundreds of applicants, Leon and Nikita have found a new home to spend their sunset years, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.
"It was pretty crazy. We had over 100 applications from all over the world, from America, Cornwall and Cumbria," said Julie Clifft of the RSPCA to the point of sale.
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"Nikita has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is stable but needs to stay near his vet for checkups," Clifft said. "We wanted to keep them in the area but some people haven't read this. We really wanted to keep them together in Northamptonshire and we're glad we could."
Clifft, who works on the RSPCA adoption team, added the Daily Mail that it is "great" that the "popular" cats have been adopted so quickly, "because even though they are old, we have never given up and have a healthy pet deserves a new home. ""

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