25 Things Non-Americans Absolutely Hate About Americans And 15 Things They Absolutely Love

Non-Americans hate when Americans ...
1. Refer to Europe as if it were a small island:
I hate it when Americans say, "I went to Europe" Where did you go? Scunthorpe or Madrid?
11:25 am - March 5th, 2021
2. Measure the time after graduation:
I hate it when Americans measure how long it was by saying what grade they were in, girl wtf means 6 to a Scottish man.
22:29 - 07 Oct 2021
3. Do you call yourself Italian:
I hate it when Americans say "I'm Italian". like no, you are not. your great-great-grandparents were Italians and you couldn't even point to Italy on a map
12:54 - August 11, 2021
4. Do not pronounce the big, bold "H":
I hate the way Americans don't say the 'h' in 'herbs'. WHAT THE SHIT ARE ERBS ?!
23:36 - 08 August 2011
5. Do not use Celsius:
I hate it when americans are like omg, it's 100 degrees here? how btch that is the boiling point according to the rest of the world
10:42 p.m. - August 22, 2021
6.Think they are the world champions:
I hate it when Americans call their teams world champions ... In which world did you compete exactly?
03:16 - 02 June 2021
7. Name children after their parents:
I hate it when Americans name their sons after their husbands, like okay Ms. Oedipus
16:41 - June 11, 2021
8. Make the wrong phone call to the university:
Why do Americans call the university "school"? It's not a school. It's university. Stop confusing everyone.
11:37 am - 09/28/2020
9.Call noodles "noodles":
Sorry, but I hate that Americans literally refer to all pasta as "noodle"
09:12 - 14.09.2021
10. Say "Chips":
I still can't believe that Americans call chips "chips", it sounds so silly
3:42 p.m. - July 29, 2021
11. Call yourself "Senior":
i hate it when americans say something like "when i was a senior" NO, UNLESS YOU'RE 80 YOU'RE NOT A FUCKING SENIOR IDC IT sounds SO STUPID
10:18 - 04.09.2021
12. Celebrate Halloween for two months before Halloween:
Why do Americans celebrate Halloween before the 31st. This shit is too confusing for me
06:36 - October 30, 2016
13. Forget about time zones:
i hate it when americans say "why should anyone be up so late"? other time zones exist?
08:18 - 03 July 2021
14. Call food the wrong thing:
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