$295K boat plus $110K in trucks equals $405K of flotsam in Indiana lake

Every boat driver had bad days at the lake. The best - what we mean the least harmful - result is when the badness only affects the boat. Nevertheless, we saw angry for many days at the start, some shiny tow trucks lost their purchase on the ramp and are soon brisk, still attached to the trailer, gargling. Even if you assume a brand new loaded pickup and a vapor barrier, that's a $ 70,000 claim. A boater on Cedar Lake, Indiana accidentally hit the bad run home run, partially sunk an expensive Parvati wakeboat, then sank a bespoke wrangler as he tried to save the Parvati, and then sunk a Ford F-150 Raptor as he tried to save the jeep and the boat.
Parvatis AL26 starts at $ 295,000. If we conservatively set the raised JKU Wrangler at $ 50,000 and the Raptor at $ 60,000, that's $ 110,000 for trucks. That's equivalent to $ 405,000 for free-floating buoys in a lake that is 13.5 feet deepest. Perhaps worst for the gentleman in question is that the jeep belongs to his wife.
This gent appears to be Jeff Bianchi based on Facebook comments and an Instagram page for Godzilla1350, and he appears to be known in Cedar Lake. When he got past his Insta feed, he got the Parvati in May, which was a terrible way to start the summer. Bianchi's house seems to be on the lake and has its own pier. Since no one recorded the irritating incident, it is not clear why the AL26, which was previously seaworthy, has become enticed by the depths. Various commentators have ruled out the drain plug, one indicating that the problem was a blown water intake hose.
The crew reportedly tried to save the wakeboat in various ways, including another ski boat, none of which worked. Nevertheless, we do not know how someone came to the decision to search for a seacraft with a land ship. Whenever the story is told, when we first mention a jeep, we feel like we're ready to say, "Ah, there is your problem." The classic double-down maneuver of following one risky idea with another, in this case a raptor. Well, we were all there. When the video narrator mentions a helicopter, she is referring to Bianchi's helicopter, which stayed dry in its helipad.
The shame is that there were no winches on either truck. A $ 1,500 warning with a generous piece of synthetic rope could have kept any truck on its preferred site and pulled the 7,000 pound Parvati out with no problem.
The Indiana Conservation Police and the Cedar Lake Fire Department Marine Unit were notified and no agency issued a public statement on the incident.

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