3 Great Mutual Fund Picks for Your Retirement - October 08, 2020

The funds in our Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds list are some of the best performing and best managed funds on the market. If you are already invested in them, congratulations! If not, don't worry - it is never too late to take advantage of these outstanding funds for your retirement.
Great performance, diversification, and low fees: this is a pretty simple formula for a great mutual fund. Some are better than others, but using our Zacks range, we've identified three mutual funds that would make great additions to long-term investor portfolios.
Here are the funds that have reached Zacks first rank (Strong Buy) and have low fees.
MSIF Global Quality Portfolio A (MGQAX): Expense ratio 1.25% and management fee 0.7%. MGQAX is a global equity mutual fund that invests its assets in large markets and capitalizes on the global economy. With an annual return of 10.19% over the past five years, this fund is a winner.
Dreyfus Fund (DREVX). Expense ratio: 0.73%. Management fee: 0.65%. DREVX is a large cap growth option. These mutual funds buy shares in many large US companies that are expected to perform and grow faster than other large-cap stocks. This fund has returned a robust 10.33% over the past five years.
Hartford Core Equity Y (HGIYX). Expense ratio: 0.44%. Management fee: 0.34%. Five year return: 10.77%. HGIYX is classified as a large cap blend fund. Most of the time, Large Cap Blend mutual funds invest in companies with a market capitalization of over $ 10 billion. Buying shares in larger companies offer these funds more stability and are well suited for investors with a "buy and hold" mentality.
So there you have it - if your advisor has invested you in one of our Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds, you are sure to be making a living. If not, you might want to look elsewhere.
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Investing in sub-par mutual funds is just one of the major mistakes that can cause your retirement savings to fail.
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