3 instant over-reactions as Washington, Haskins comeback falls short

3 instant overreactions: The Washington Comeback originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington
Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end.
Sure, that's a quote from a cheesy 1980s movie about a pair of bartenders in a strange love triangle, but it also applies to Washington's most recent streak of four wins.
The winning streak ended on Sunday with an interesting 20:15 loss to Seattle. The Seahawks moved the ball well throughout the game, the offensive against Burgundy and Gold was anemic early on.
It was a heavy loss, especially given a late missed extra point, a failed two-point switch, and a promising final drive that ended in disaster. But if there's a silver lining, it is that Washington came into play on Sunday with a lead of one game at NFC East. Not to say Washington could afford the loss in the Division's title race, but it's not a backbreaker either as the New York Giants face the 9-4 Cleveland Browns.
What did we learn? Unfortunately nothing big, because it was a defeat in the middle of a playoff race. But this team is not giving up. That's a consolation prize, but it's something.
No straight answer - Ron Rivera opened his tenure as Washington coach with Dwayne Haskins as starting quarterback. After four games, Rivera not only sat Haskins on the bench, but the coach pushed the QB up to the third string. After injuries to Kyle Allen and Alex Smith, Haskins appeared again as a starter in Washington two months later. Unfortunately, at least early on, things didn't look very different on the field. Haskins threw for 295 yards but had two costly interceptions and seemed undecided for long stretches on the field. When Seattle got into the game on Sunday it was the league's worst defense and Washington, with Haskins at the helm, was unable to take advantage until the fourth quarter. Haskins delivered a very impressive TD drive to bring the score down to 20-15 where he did six out of eight passes and also had some timely runs. Success came late for Haskins, but it came. That counts. Even if the last four games were ugly again.
Elusively Problematic - Washington's defense battled elusive quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson earlier this year. Both QBs ran at least 50 meters and came into the end zone as rushers. Russell Wilson ran 52 meters against Seattle, playing enough with his feet to unbalance the Washington defense.
3rd & Logan - Regardless of the result, Logan Thomas played great. Washington's free agent tight end addition played pretty well this year, breaking out with 13 catches and 101 yards on Sunday. In addition, many of his catches turned third downs into firsts, keeping Washington's offensive on the field. For the game, Washington recorded 10 out of 17 third losses and an impressive rate that helped Washington stay ahead of the ball while in possession (32:16 to 27:44).
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