3 North Carolina police officers were fired after they were heard on camera making racist comments, including one threatening to 'slaughter' Black people in a new civil war

Wilmington's chief of police, Donny Williams, announced the release of three officers on Wednesday.
Three officials were released on Tuesday by the North Carolina Wilmington Police Department for racist comments recorded on one of their cameras in the car.
The former officers - James Gilmore, Jesse Moore II and Kevin Piner - have all been on duty for more than two decades.
The racist comments were accidentally recorded and, according to an internal report, found during a routine audit.
In a conversation between Moore and Piner, both can be heard several times with a racist charge against black people, and Piner said a new civil war was needed to "wipe them off".
Wilmington's chief of police, Donny Williams, said on Wednesday that he would speak to the prosecutor over whether criminal charges would be brought against the fired officials.
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Three North Carolina police officers were released on Tuesday for making racist comments about blacks in a video that was accidentally recorded on one of the officers' cameras in the car.
Wilmington's chief of police, Donny Williams, announced the release of officials James Gilmore, 48. Jesse Moore II, 50; and Kevin Piner, 44, said at a press conference on Wednesday that their comments were "brutally insulting and worthy of immediate action". Each officer had worked for the police for over 20 years.
A report released on Wednesday about the trio's internal affairs said that their racist talks were discovered during a routine check of Piner's vehicle's dashcam footage on June 4. The report did not specify when the talks took place.
The camera was accidentally turned on early one morning and then recorded it in separate conversations with Gilmore and Moore.
You can see the press conference here:
The video
According to the report, Piner can be seen in the video where he first speaks to Gilmore, who pulled his vehicle next to him, and the two start talking about the recent protests against Black Lives Matter.
During the conversation, Piner Gilmore said, "The only thing this agency is about is kneeling with the blacks," the report said.
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"Gilmore then said he saw a video on social media about white people bending over their knees and worshiping black people," the report added.
Later in the video, after Gilmore left to answer a call, Piner gets a call from Moore, and the two talk about a recent arrest Moore made on a black woman.
Moore was also filmed when he described a black judge as "caught negro" and complained that the judge had questioned his decision to arrest the black woman at all, rather than referring her to a mental hospital, it says Report.
According to the report, Piner then thought about the current tensions and said, "We're just going to go out and start slaughtering them," Piner said once with a racist bow. "I can not wait any longer."
"Moore replied that he would not do this. Piner said 'I'm ready,'" the report said.
"Officer Piner then told Cpl. Moore that he believed society needed a civil war to remove it from the map. That would bring it back four or five generations." Cpl. Moore replied 'you're crazy', "the report said.
The video was stopped a short time later.
People in Philadelphia on June 1st protest against the death of George Floyd.
REUTERS / Bastiaan Slabbers
Make excuses
The internal affairs report also included details of how the trio defended themselves after asked about the video.
Gilmore, who complained about white people "worshiping black people," said he found a video of black people who bow insultingly to white people as well.
"He said his problem with the video was that the Bible says you shouldn't bow to an idol," the report said. "Gilmore said that he always treats everyone fairly, regardless of race."
Moore defended himself by saying he was off duty when he called Piner and "just vented".
"He pointed out that the call related to the situation with the recent protests had made him extremely stressed and he was very ashamed of the things he said in the video," the report said. "Cpl Moore stated that he doesn't normally speak that way, but he fed on Officer Piner and just vented."
Piner also blamed his comments for the stress of recent protests against police brutality, saying they worried him about his family's safety.
"Piner said that the conversations on the video were caused by the stress accumulated from all of these factors," the report said. "He said it was embarrassing to listen to the video." It also described him as being at a "break point", that the comments were "atypical for him" and that he was "out of control".
Possible criminal charges
The internal affairs investigation found that Moore and Piner had broken their standards of behavior through inappropriate jokes and fuzziness and criticism of the department.
While the report found that Gilmore was not violating the standards of behavior, Wilmington's chief of police, Williams, overruled and said it was clear that he was violating the rules.
At the press conference on Wednesday announcing the dismissal of the officials, Williams said he would also report their behavior to the state standards commission and speak to the prosecutor to discuss the indictment.
"There are certain behaviors that you have to be to be a cop, and these three cops have shown they don't have it," Williams said.
"When I first heard about these conversations, I was shocked, sad and disgusted. There is no place for this behavior in our agency or in our city and it will not be tolerated."
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