3 Strong Mutual Funds to Add to Your Retirement Portfolio Right Now October 07, 2020

If you have invested in any of the funds on our Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds list, congratulations on owning some of the best-managed, high-performing mutual funds. If you're lucky enough to discover our list of the top funds for the first time, it's never too late to invest with the best, especially when it comes to your retirement.
Great performance, diversification, and low fees: this is a pretty simple formula for a great mutual fund. Some are better than others, but using our Zacks rank, we have identified three mutual funds that would make great additions to long-term investors.
Find out about some of Zacks' highest rated, low fee mutual funds you might want to consider.
American Beacon Stephens' Mid Cap Growth I (SFMIX) has an expense ratio of 0.89% and an administration fee of 0.8%. SFMIX is a medium cap growth mutual fund. These funds target companies with market capitalizations between $ 2 billion and $ 10 billion that are expected to provide greater growth opportunities for investors than their peers. With an annual return of 13.42% over the past five years, this fund is clearly winning.
LKCM Equity Institutional (LKEQX) is a standout provider. LKEQX is part of the Large Cap Blend division. These mutual funds most commonly invest in companies with a market capitalization of $ 10 billion or more. By investing in larger companies, these funds provide more stability and are often well suited for investors with a "buy and hold" mentality. With an annualized five-year performance of 10.38%, an expense ratio of 0.8% and a management fee of 0.7%, this diversified fund is an attractive purchase with a strong performance history.
T. Rowe Price Japan Fund (PRJPX): Expense ratio 0.97% and management fee 0.79%. PRJPX is a Japan equity fund option. These funds invest primarily in companies in one of the richest and most diversified economies in the world, Japan. With an annual return of 10.4% for five years, this fund is a well diversified fund with a long history of success.
So there you have it - if your advisor has invested you in one of our Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds, you are sure to be making a living. If not, you might want to look elsewhere.
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