30 Easy Icebox Cookies That Will Make All Your Holiday Dreams Come True

Christmas is synonymous with cookies. This year, revive your usual baking routine with these 30 ice box biscuits. The beauty of it is that you can prep the simple batter, chill, or freeze it, and then slice and bake it whenever your schedule allows. If this isn't the holiday spell, we don't know what it is.
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1. Chocolate Peppermint Ice Box Cookies
The most festive cookies we have ever seen or tried.
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2. Butterscotch Icebox Cookies
Brown sugar + butter = Christmas miracle.
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3. Lemon Icebox Cookies
It's citrus season and we're taking full advantage of it.
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4. Vanilla Bean Ice Box Cookies
These vanilla biscuits are anything but simple thanks to the glittering grinding sugar.
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5. Pistachio Ice Box Cookies
Why choose between salty and sweet?
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6. Maple-Pecan Icebox Cookies
Our seasonal favorite flavors with every bite.
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7. Funfetti Slice & Bake Cookies
The white chocolate dip not only contains crumble but also batter.
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8. Pecan Chocolate Chip Slice-and-Bake Cookies
Your guests will assume you picked them up from a fancy bakery.
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9. Slice-and-bake shortbread
Glazed red and green cherries round off the festive festivities.
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10. Gluten-free chocolate hazelnut biscuits
Three alternative flours make these gemstones possible: hazelnut, oats and tapioca.
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11. Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Two timeless classics united in ooey-gooey harmony.
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12. Vanilla bean Christmas sugar cookies with whipped buttercream
The kids will be so excited to decorate a game themselves on Christmas Eve.
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13. Salted Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookies
Toast the pistachios in the oven first to make them more fragrant and aromatic.
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14. Brown sugar shortbread
You can never have too many four ingredient cookies.
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15. Chocolate covered peanut butter cookies
Meet the ultimate marriage of sweet and salty, from the creamy PB filling to the flaky sea salt.
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16. Cinnamon Roll Cookies
We wouldn't complain if we had these for breakfast on Christmas morning.
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17. Simple icebox cookies
Gather the troops - this recipe makes 40 cookies.
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18. Toasted Coconut Orange Ice Box Cookies
Orange peel and toasted coconut flakes offer rays of tropical sunshine in the depths of winter.
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19. Salted Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuit Recipe
Rolling the outside edges of the cookies in coarse sugar gives them a nice finish and added crispness.
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20. Eggnog Ice Box Cookies
Complete with fluffy three-ingredient eggnog frosting.
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21. Salted Chocolate Butter Pecan Cookies
The secret of this nutty, caramelized masterpiece? Brown butter.
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22. Cranberry-Orange Brown Sugar Shortbread
Fresh orange peel and dried cranberries liven up a simple three-ingredient batter.
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23. Bake the dark chocolate orange slice and biscuits
The combination of bitter, sour orange and flavorful ground cinnamon is a wintry match made in heaven.
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24. Salted vegan chocolate chip cookies
Santa came to your table early for the vegetable eaters. These are made from almond flour, oatmeal and chia seeds.
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