30 Holiday Desserts to Win Your Virtual Bake-Off

Box brownies are good, but when it comes to vacation desserts, few things compare to biting into the warm, made from scratch, fudge treats. Below we've rounded up 30 homemade treat recipes that will impress your mom, make your neighbors adore you, and help you bring home the coveted title of Best Baker in all of your Zoom showdowns. Have you never turned on your oven? There are even a few no-bake holiday dessert options so you can win without risking a kitchen fire.
TikTok cookies
Five-ingredient peanut butter chocolate chip cookies went viral on TikTok earlier this year and for good reason. They're guaranteed to be delicious and super easy to make. Check out the video here to see how.
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Chocolate caramel popcorn with peanuts
Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies
Would you like to mix your butter popcorn with chocolate? This is then the cookie for you. Visit Joy The Baker for the recipe and see how it's made
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Ginger citrus cookies
The sweet taste of ginger mixed with the citrus of your choice (choice of orange, lemon or lime) makes these festive cookies a knockout for the holiday. Get the recipe at Bon Appetit.
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Graham Cracker S'Mores Cookies
Bring the flavor of camping by the fireplace into your home with these chewy bites. Visit Always With Butter for the recipe.
Homemade Oreos
Sure, you can buy a pack at the store, but just imagine the boastful rights you'd get if you managed to make Oreos right in your kitchen. Visit Tasty for the recipe.
Digestive biscuits
Bring it back to the classics with these crispy wheat germ digestive biscuits topped with a rich chocolate icing. Get the recipe at Bon Appetit.
Browned butter in a pan with a wooden spatula
Candice Bell
Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies
Enhance your oatcakes with deliciously sweet brown butter. How Sweet Eats has the recipe you need.
Matcha green tea latte in a cup. Top view. Copy space.
Matcha shortbread
You have swapped your morning coffee for a matcha latte. Why not add a little green tea to your sugary candy? Click on Pizza for Breakfast for the recipe.
Roasted salty pumpkin seeds
Chocolate Pie Pumpkin Seed Cookies
Still wondering what to do with all of the pumpkin seeds from Halloween? Throw them in a cookie! Check out this sweet and nutty recipe over at Bon Appetit.
Slow-cooker brownie
Throw all the ingredients in the stove and let the magic happen. Come back for a delicious brownie cake in five hours. Get the recipe at Delish.
Santa Claus hands holds a white gift box with red ribbon
Christmas gift brownies
Freshly baked brownies really are a gift. So why not dress like that? Get the recipe at tablespoon.
Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookie Peanut Butter Swirled Brownies
It's a mouthful to say but definitely worth it as you delve into it. The oatmeal adds extra crispness and basically makes it a healthy snack. That's how it works, right? Recipe at Half Baked Harvest.
Christmas decoration. Hanging red balls on fir branches Christmas tree garland and ornaments over abstract bokeh background with copy space
Christmas tree brownies
Chocolate, streusel and candy cane? Yes, yes and yes. If you want to indulge in all your sweet fantasies, get the recipe over dinner at the zoo.
Irish cream liqueur in a glass with ice.
Irish Cream Brownies
It's easy to get upset with daily sugar intake with this 2-in-1 cream liqueur infused brownie. Get the recipe at Blondie's Cakes & Things.
Brown Butter Pumpkin Brownies
If the holiday season hasn't completely deafened your taste buds, try this brown butter and brownie mix loaded with pumpkin spice. Prescription at My Therapist Cooks.
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