$300 Weekly Unemployment Benefits Included in Stimulus Bill

In addition to a $ 600 stimulus check, the 5,600-page stimulus bill passed Monday will temporarily provide more help to the unemployed.
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"This legislation is designed to help prevent a significant number of people from falling over a financial cliff in the coming days and weeks," said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Bankrate.com. Half of households have lost income this year, and according to a recent BankRate poll, 51% believe the recovery will take six months or more.
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How much?
The business cycle provides an additional $ 300 per week for those who qualify for unemployment insurance in their state. This number will be added to the total your state will give you.
Who Qualifies?
Anyone who is entitled to regular unemployment benefit is also entitled to extended unemployment benefit. In most states, this means that you must be unemployed through no fault of your own. However, if you are not eligible for unemployment benefits in your country, you may still be eligible for the federal government's expanded pandemic unemployment benefits.
What about the self-employed and gig workers?
The bill also expanded the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which provided benefits to people who are normally not eligible for unemployment, including the self-employed and gig workers.
How long does the unemployment benefit last?
Payments run through March 14, 2021, but you may still be able to receive checks through April 5, 2021 if you haven't used the maximum number of weeks you have. The new legislation increases the number of benefit weeks that someone can take from 39 to 50.
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