38 things Donald Trump has said about Russia

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Here are 38 things Donald Trump said about President Biden:
About the Russo-Ukrainian War
“We have to be very smart and very quick. We need to know what to say, what to do. And we say exactly the wrong thing. We will end up in a third world war.” [Oct. September 2022]
“They actually mocked him, if you look closely, our country and our so-called leadership mocked Putin. I would listen, I would say, you know, they almost force him to go [to Ukraine] with what they say. The rhetoric was so stupid.” [Oct. September 2022]
"With hundreds of thousands of people potentially dying, we must demand immediate negotiations for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine, or we will end up in World War III and there will be nothing left of our planet just because stupid people did it no idea." [Oct 08/08/2022]
“It doesn't make sense that Russia and Ukraine shouldn't sit down and work out some kind of deal. If they don't do it soon, there will be nothing left but death, destruction and carnage.” [April. 08/08/2022]
"And now there's what's happening in Ukraine. It's genocide." [April. 13th, 2022]
“Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Joe Biden failed at all to deter Russia's nefarious invasion of Ukraine. All these people are dead. Putin's heinous attack on a proud and sovereign nation shakes the conscience of every person of good will.” [Damage. 28th, 2022]
"You say, what's the purpose of this? They had a country. You could see that it was a country that had a lot of love and we do it because someone wants to make their country bigger, or they want to go back to how it was when it wasn't actually working very well. " [Martial. 15th, 2022]
"I walked in yesterday and there was a TV screen and I said, 'This is awesome.' Putin is declaring a large part of Ukraine - Ukraine - Putin is declaring it independent. Oh, that's wonderful. I said, 'How smart is that?' And he will go in and be a peacekeeper." [Feb. 24th, 2022]
About Russian President Vladimir Putin
"...Since Putin isn't exactly a fan of our country right now, let him explain... Why did the wife of the mayor of Moscow give the two Bidens $3.5 million?" I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think he should release it." [Corrupt. 29th, 2022]
"This doesn't appear to be the same Putin I was dealing with. But I'm telling you, he wouldn't have changed if I had dealt with him, he wouldn't have changed.” [Corrupt. 11/11/2022]
"I knew Putin very well. I got on really well with him. He liked me. I liked him. I mean, you know, he's a tough guy, he's got a lot of charm and a lot of pride - and he loves his country, you know? He loves his country.” [Feb 22nd, 2022]
"I knew he always wanted Ukraine. I spoke to him about it. I said: 'You can't do it. You won't do it.' But I could see that he wanted it. I always asked him. We talked about it for a long time. 22nd, 2022]
“I got on really well with President Putin. I liked him, he liked me. That's a good thing, not a bad thing.” [April. 19th, 2021]
“Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia. They'd rather go to war than see that. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome!” [Jul. 18th, 2018]
“I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (Obama has also called him in the past). The fake news media is crazy because they wanted me to judge him. You are wrong! is a good thing, not a bad thing." [Mar. 21st, 2018]
"The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC emails that should never have been written (stupid) because Putin likes me." [Jul. 25th, 2016]
“Putin showed the world what happens when America has weak leaders. Peace through strength!” [April. 28th, 2014]
“America is at a huge disadvantage. Putin is ex-KGB, Obama is a community organizer. Unfair.” [17. April 2014]
“I believe Putin will continue to build the Russian Empire. He has zero respect for Obama or the US!” [Corrupt. 21st, 2014]
"As Putin plots and beams about how he can take over the world, President Obama watches March Madness (basketball)!" [damage. 20th, 2014]
"Putin's letter is a masterpiece for Russia and a disaster for the US. He is lecturing our President." [12. September 2013]
“Putin says Russia cannot allow its nuclear deterrent to be weakened – US wants to reduce it – are we crazy?” [June. 21st, 2013]
About Russian interference in US elections.
"I am very concerned that Russia will fight very hard to influence the upcoming elections. Given that no president has been harder on Russia than I have, they will push the Democrats very hard. They definitely do. I don't want Trump!" [Jul. 24th, 2018]
"I firmly believe that while Russia's actions had no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the election, let me be very clear...that I accept the conclusion reached by our American intelligence agencies that Russia's interference in the 2016 elections took place." [Jul . 17th, 2018]
"I have great faith in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today." [Jul. 16th, 2018]
"My people came to me, [Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats came to me, some others, they said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin. He just said it wasn't Russia. I'll say that, I don't see no reason why it should be." [Jul. 16th, 2018]
"In a key phrase of my remarks, I used the word 'would' instead of 'wouldn't'. The sentence should have read: "I see no reason why it shouldn't be Russia. Kind of a double negative." [July 17th, 2018]
“Russia launched its anti-US campaign in 2014, well before I announced that I would run for president. The election results were not influenced. The Trump campaign has done nothing wrong – no collusion!” [Feb. 16th, 2018]
“I have twice urged President Putin strongly about Russian interference in our elections. He has vehemently denied it. I have already expressed my opinion.” [Jul. September 2017]
“The history of the Russia-Trump collusion is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer-sponsored charade end?” [8. May 2017]
“By the way, if Russia worked so hard on the 2016 election, it all happened during the Obama administration. Why didn't they stop them?” [June. 22nd, 2017]
"Russia talks are FAKE NEWS being peddled by Democrats and hyped by the media to cover up the major election defeat and illegal leaks!" [Feb. 26th, 2017]
Whether he was a Russian agent
"I've never worked for Russia... Not only have I never worked for Russia, I find it a shame you're even asking that question because it's a huge hoax. It's just a joke.” [14. January 2019]
On US-Russia relations
Trump jokingly told RNC donors that the US should put the Chinese flag on F-22 jets and "bomb that shit out of Russia." [To damage. 5, 2022]
“I was MUCH harder on Russia than Obama, Bush or Clinton. Maybe tougher than any other president. At the same time, as I have often said, getting along with Russia is good, not bad. I fully expect that one day we will have good relations with Russia again!" [January. 12.12.2019]
“Our relationship with Russia is now worse than ever, and that includes the Cold War. There is no reason for that. Russia needs us to support its economy, which would be very easy, and we need all nations to work together. Are you stopping the arms race?” [11. April 2018]
“When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing and not a bad thing? Politics is always played there – bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine and terrorism, and Russia can help a lot!" [November 11, 2017]
“I am not angry with Russia (or China) because their leaders are much smarter than ours. We need real leadership, and fast, before it's too late" [Sep. 6, 2013]
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