4 Things a Podiatrist Wants You to Stop Doing When You Run

Running is good for you, yes? Sure, but only if you do it right and don't harm your poor feet. We have at Dr. Casey Ann Pidich, a podiatrist from NYC, looked for the most common foot-injuring mistakes people make while running.
1. Running without socks

According to Dr. Pidich the "worst idea ever". Why? "Socks prevent blisters while running and also absorb sweat." She says look at it as an extra layer of protection for your feet - not to skip it.
2. Measure your sneakers incorrectly

OK, how can you measure sneakers correctly? From the longest toe. "Look at your bare feet. Most people think that their big toe is their longest toe, but it could actually be the second toe that is their longest, ”says Dr. Pidich. “Measure the sneaker size from the longest toe - your first or second toe. You should have some leeway from your longest toe - and actually all of your toes - when putting on sneakers. "
3. Run through pain

Do you know the saying "no pain, no gain"? In this case, this is not true. "If a foot is painful and looks swollen, something is wrong," emphasizes Dr. Pidich. "Stop walking and find a professional because you may have tendinitis or even a stress fracture." She tells us that most people have swollen feet at the end of the day, but if one foot looks particularly bad, it is a good indication that something is wrong.
4. Wear new sneakers for a race

Sure, you want to show off your new kicks for these 10 km, but Dr. Pidich says that race day is never the time for a maiden voyage. “Sneakers are made of materials that compress slightly when you run and adapt to your specific pressure points on your feet,” she says. "This process takes some time and gradually subsides." So how should you go about equipping your feet for a race? "It's best to switch between a worn pair and a slightly newer pair of the same brand during training and use your normal broken sneakers for your race."
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