4-year-old swept away as family clings to top of SUV in Arizona flash flood, cops say

A four-year-old girl was swept away in a flash flood Thursday night in a town in southeast Arizona, officials said.
The family climbed onto their blue suburb trapped in the water in the Cottonwood Wash along the Gila River in Pima, Fox10 reported.
According to the Gila Herald, Pima police responded to the call shortly before 9:30 p.m.
"The woman reported that the vehicle was now driving down the car wash and she and the children were up in the suburb," police told Fox10.
The police rescued the family from their vehicle, but the 4-year-old child escaped, the TV news channel reported.
Heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning have cascaded across numerous counties in Arizona.
The National Weather Service in Phoenix issued flash flood warnings for much of southern and central Arizona Thursday through Saturday, stating "burn scar areas will be the most vulnerable."
Several agencies are conducting search and rescue operations on Friday to find the missing girl, the Gila Herald reported.
The parishioners also banded together to bring food and drink to search and rescue workers while they located the child.
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