45 Labor Day Recipes That Will End Summer on a Delicious Note

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, which means there is no better way to celebrate than with lots of grill clips. We talk about all the important cooking utensils, from mac and cheese to ribs to baked beans. Here are 45 simple Labor Day recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are impressive.
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1. White sangria with peaches and berries
Nobody likes a diluted cocktail. So we freeze fresh peaches and raspberries to use in place of ice cubes.
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2. Grilled watermelon feta skewers
Sweet, juicy watermelon and spicy, salty feta go perfectly with the grill heaven. Salad on a stick is also simply better.
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3. Cauliflower and potato salad
Cauli florets> boring spuds. Mayo can also suspend it; Greek yogurt and sour cream covered it.
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4. Pan blueberry corn bread
Meet the new best friend of Pulled Pork. You will meet in just 40 minutes.
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5. Jalapeño avocado mac and cheese
And we thought our favorite food couldn't get any better. Bring the pickled jalapeños, green chilies and all white cheddar.
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6. Slow cooker pulled chicken
Not only is this recipe fairly simple, it's super versatile too. Serve in tacos, over a salad or on a brioche bun.
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7. Grilled corn with spicy aioli
No grill is complete without a few charred ears. And our simple spicy aioli will overdo it.
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8. Grilled peach halloumi salad with lemon pesto dressing
Don't you feel like I bet you never thought that salad would be the star of your picnic spread.
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9. Chilled cucumber salad
Leave the salad behind for an app that's ten times refreshing. Especially after a few sunny rounds of cornhole.
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10. Light and tangy coleslaw
The epitome of the summer side. Whether you stack it high on a pulled pork sandwich or eat it straight from the fridge, you can't go wrong.
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11. Baked beans with slow cooker
These beat the can type by a mile. Think of chopped bacon, ketchup, and dark brown sugar.
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12. Peaches and Cream Ice Pops
Roasted peach puree turns into marbled magic when it meets strudel of sweet Greek yogurt.
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13. Salmon burger
If you have beef with red meat, salmon is here to save the day. The patties are seasoned with a mixture of garlic, spring onions, lemon, dill and old bay.
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14. Honey-lime chicken and vegetables in foil
Maximum taste, minimal cleaning. Simply place each foil package on the grill and your work is done.
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15. Lemon-Berry Sheet Pan Trifle
There is nothing a tin pan cannot do. But our favorite trick is light meringue with summer fruits and fresh whipped cream.
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16. Grilled flatbread pizza with artichoke, ricotta and lemon
Sorry, pizza stone. This is a job for the grill. Please crushed paprika flakes, please.
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17. Spicy shrimp tacos with mango salsa
Only the entrance ticket for an outdoor family dinner. A dash of sour cream or avocado crema takes the hot edge off the shrimp when your kids are picky.
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18. Grilled zucchini caprese salad
We'll never get tired of the first floor, but thin slices of charred summer zucchini are a total game changer.
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