5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Ann Wilson

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Name Ann Wilson
Best known for striding the stage as "Raven-haired, Rock and Roll Banshee".
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Current city of Tukwila, Washington.
I really want to be in Montreal. It would snow and I would be wrapped in real fur and eat a soup a l'oignon on the sidewalk ... listening to music pouring out the doors.
Excited about a whole bunch of new songs that were written during the quarantine I'm currently recording. Planning new tours and concerts in the years 2021-2022.
My husband.
My dogs.
My current music collection includes many Meditational / World, Todd Norian, Benjy Wertheimer and Djivan Gasparyan.
And a little bit of vintage soul. Classic rock.
Don't judge me for Antoine Dodson - "Bed Intruder Song".
Preferred format I like vinyl, of course. It sounds best!
5 albums I can't live without:
Dark Star
David Bowie
I love this album because it's so bold and poetic. I think this album is his latest. Throughout his career, Bowie assumed various status quos, including the rules of fashion, the styles of music in the middle of the street, and the fluidity of the sexes. I believe on Blackstar he questions the most immutable law of all: mortality.
The album is haunting and wide awake as he ponders his own death and invents a new religion with the relic of Major Tom as a mythological deity. Musically it is Bowie's finest work. He lets the breeze of modern jazz blow through the open window of his soul.
Joni Mitchell
I love this album like a lifelong friend. On Hejira, Joni is a grown woman, a freelance agent who travels alone. The songs are full of the rich images of the things and people they encounter and which are intertwined with their poetic, unforgiving introspection.
Musically, Hejira reaches new heights; again they let jazzy time signatures and voices ride the shotgun with their characteristic guitar tunings. It's Joni on Electric that's played like an acoustic, and it's a first.
This album doesn't age. Rather, it unfolds over time.
Perfect day
Chris Whitley
I love this album because it's so intimate. Chris' tangled, smoky vulnerability is wide open here and no effort is being made to improve production. Rather, there is almost no production other than a kind of 4am, relaxed and lively atmosphere. This is a cover album that I think it really puts the versions in a wonderful place.
As a singer, he's in my top 4 of all time and I love hearing him naked like that. You can feel it through your skin to your bones and your soul.
This is another album that doesn't age and hardly knows what genre to call home. I like it.
Lucinda Williams
I love this album because it is the perfect marriage of unpretentiousness, honesty and viciousness. I love myself a little Lucinda and Essence is full of their best songwriting and singing. It is ragged, torn and honest. Such a welcome relief for female singers / songwriters like Kardashian / Warrior / Barbies who just want to show you how hyper-sexual and evil they are. Watch out ... Lucinda actually IS a badass who is also a "Broken Butterfly" and a "Raven with a hint of blue on her back". Then she'll tell you without a doubt. All of this is accomplished in her chatty, breathing, moaning vocal style with lots of edge and a good dose of fuck you.
What else can I say, Lu is my kind of girl.
I love this album because I think it's The Who all the cylinders go on. Don't hate me because I didn't think Tommy was the one. I just feel like quadrophenia has more depth. more beauty ... it has it all. That music and story of alienation feels to me like Pete Townsend and the boys can get really close, just like me. Songwriting is iconic and shows a band at the forefront of their development. "Love, Reign o'er Me" and "The Real Me" alone are worth the price of admission and the whole piece is a beauty, full of power, poetry and "who-ness".
All of my favorite albums are timeless and timeless and this is another one. I have heard quadrophenia all my life.
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