5 Mistakes I Made While Renovating My Kitchen

This summer I started renovating the kitchen for the first time in my life. I hand-drawn a scale floor plan, ripped out tiles, hacked cabinets, and the product sourced everything from our custom-made carpenters (a friend of a friend) to our backsplash tile (a Wayfair score!). Am I obsessed with my tiny gem of an eat-in kitchen? Oh yeah. Did I make a shipload of rookie mistakes along the way? You can bet on it. I'm sharing them here so you can avoid them.
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1. I trusted a single test tile
Since the kitchen is all white and we chose durable, man-made quartz for the countertops, I wanted to add a more luxurious, natural texture over the backsplash. I found a beautiful long Calacatta marble subway tile that I thought would be the next best thing to an expensive one-slab backsplash. The problem? Both the sample tile online and the first tile in the box were pale white marble with the subtle veining I had been longing for. But the rest of the box was considerably darker with black veins. Lesson Learned: Check the rest of the box - and read the reviews more carefully (it was flagged by a previous buyer).
2. I have not spoken to my contractor about equipment
Before we started buying equipment, I didn't expect it to be too expensive. Everything was apartment-sized to start with (24-inch refrigerator, 18-inch dishwasher, etc.) - and I had searched the internet for the best deals available. After sending my selection to my contractor - don't you know? - he informed me that I needed special equipment. For example, because I wanted a refrigerator that would be flush with my custom cabinets, I had to buy a "built-in" refrigerator that had different ventilation options. It literally cost me nine (!) Times as much as a normal one. In addition, the microwave I wanted was actually not an option over the area, as we would have had to put pipes through the walls to ventilate outside. If I had spoken to him before starting the device search, I would have saved time and probably money.
3. I ignored the damaged floors
Early on at the Reno, we noticed that the blonde parquet floors in the kitchen were a bit shaky: in addition to the signs of wear and tear, they looked a bit uneven. Because a) I appreciate their charming retro look and b) I didn't want to miss out on the budget, I decided to leave them alone, despite my contractor's warnings that they could be problematic later. Spoiler: He was right and they immediately turned out to be a pain in the butt during construction. The floor was more warped than it looked - so building the cupboard with all the leveling, securing and cutting pieces became a major effort and a headache.
4. I have not measured for hardware
Beginner's Mistake: I assumed that all standard chassis hardware was roughly the same scale. I ordered some classic satin trains and provided them to my contractor. When I got home and saw them in the drawers, I found that they were definitely too big for the narrow width of the cabinets. I should have downsized to a smaller size or chosen a leaner beam style for our tiny space. Next time I will definitely have samples examined in person before I place an order.
5. I have chosen PURE WHITE QUARTZ
Don't get me wrong: Visually, I'm in love with my bright, white worktops, which look so fresh and reflect light in the kitchen that they feel fresh and airy. But keeping them clean is a bigger problem than I expected. Every little spot looks like an absolute crumb apocalypse. Every time I pick up a cup it needs to be wiped off immediately. To cook dinner? It looks like Armageddon. On the plus side, it probably forces me to be cleaner!
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