5 surprising things tucked into Congress' nearly 6,000-page spending bill

The most important aspect of the Congressional omnibus spending bill is the $ 900 coronavirus relief package embedded in it. However, there are some surprising add-ons - as usually found in such laws - embedded in the nearly 6,000-page text.
One point that crept in was the planned creation of two new Smithsonian museums, one focusing on women's history and the other for the proposed National Museum of the American Latino. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) had previously blocked stand-alone bills that would have funded them.
The package also includes legislative proposals that would change the regulation of drugs in horse racing, a program to eradicate murder hornets, and an ongoing ban on federal funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, an organization that has not existed for years. This language has apparently made a pretty common make-up on bills in recent years, and some Republican lawmakers reportedly believe it may be copied and pasted over and over by aides.
The sovereignty of Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong has also been mentioned frequently, in other words the bill contains language that indicates resistance to possible Chinese interference in these locations. One point that has received a lot of attention is the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. Several observers pointed out that this might seem unnecessary or even silly at first, especially since it seems out of place in a bill primarily focused on fighting pandemics, but actually addresses a significant geopolitical issue .
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