50 Childhood Things That Xennials Experienced In The '80s That They'll Never Forget

1. The confusion that there are two cartoons called Ghostbusters:
Columbia Pictures / © Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection / Filmation Associates / Filmation Associates / courtesy Everett Collection
2. The jingle for My Buddy and Kid Sister:
Jeremy Noel / youtube.com
3. And the "... and growing" part of the jingle for Flintstones vitamins:
MusicLuvr76 / youtube.com
4. That you cannot think of family ties without hearing "sha-la-la-la" in your head:
5.The absolute disappointment you've felt every time you've made shaved ice with the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker and just had a mushy mess:
6. The absolute struggle was to get your Popple back into its spherical shape:
7. The absolute joy you had watching Muppet Babies (even if it was just a repetition):
Hensonassociates / © HensonAssociates / courtesy Everett Collection
8. And the luck you got for it while listening to the theme song:
9. But I always wonder what the hell Nanny looked like:
Henson / Disney
10. How the illustrations from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were actually more terrifying than the stories:
Harper Collins
11. That every kid owned these rainbow flip flops - that was also very painful as the nylon on the straps on your toes would rub:
12. How inconvenient it was to look out of these costumes and walk in them - but you wanted one thing no matter what:
13.How cars came with metal ashtrays on the door and you were always forced to play with them (by opening and closing quickly) when seated next to one:
14. And how they also came with metal seat buckles and you had a 90% chance of getting burned with them on a hot day:
15. Wish a clapper because of the advertising (really the smart home device of its time):
16. The F.H.E. Logo that appeared before a number of your favorite VHS tapes:
17. That nobody could convince you that Kenner's Family Tree House was not part of the Fisher-Price's Little People collection:
18.How You Knew Better Than Removing The Stickers From Your Garbage Pail Kids Cards:
19. How Every Grandmother Owned This Fisher Price Playset:
20. How would you hold the gun right in front of the TV screen while playing Duck Hunt:
Smash Time! / Youtube.com
21. The sheer stress of tearing the pages off of dot matrix paper:
22. That when you looked at the cover of a sketch pad from Mead Académie you inspired to draw:
23. How did you know when to close your eyes exactly during the "Large Marge" scene in Pee-Wees Big Adventure:
Warner bros.
24. And how you would instantly switch channels if Time Life's creepy AF Mysteries of the Unknown commercial was on:
25. How much more satisfying was it to drink from Welch's jam jars:
26. That there wasn't a worse TV ad character than the bitchy Tootsie Roll Pop owl:
Tootsie Roll Pop
27. That the Officer Big Mac Climbing Jail at McDonald's always smelled of feet:
28. That these mugs at Pizza Hut always left a somewhat lingering plastic taste in everything you drank:
29. That Square One was primarily only seen for "Mathnet":
PBS / Game Show Retro / youtube.com
30.The smell of Hawaiian pizza - because it was served at EVERY birthday party ?:
Gancino / Getty Images
31. That you shipped He-Man and She-Ra even though they were brother and sister:
The story goes on

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