50 Delicious 4th of July Recipes for a Summer Cookout

Yikes! Can you believe that it's already summer? Which reminds us, we have to prepare for a grill. The fourth of July calls for practically delicious grilled dishes, red, white and blue desserts and a cold cocktail in hand. But don't stress, because we have all the recipes you need to host a delicious Independence Day party - even if it's just you and the kids this year. From classic all-American dishes like coleslaw and burgers to more imaginative ideas like cauliflower potato salad and watermelon skewers, we have put together the best starters, grilled side dishes and summer desserts that you can eat before the fireworks start. Here are the 50 best recipes for July 4th - isn't every vacation just an excuse to overeat?
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1. Caprese salad with grilled zucchini
A dish full of summer flavors (it doesn't look too shabby either). Charge up zucchini at the farmers market to spice up this classic tomato.
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2. BLT pasta salad
This barbecue page combines all the crispy, hearty and creamy ingredients of the classic sandwich - minus the bread.
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3. Avocado potato salad
Sayonara, Mayo. We use Greek yogurt to make this side dish super creamy. Please hand over the ribs.
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4. Grilled watermelon feta skewers
Sweet watermelon and spicy feta cheese are the new tomatoes and mozzarella. Instead of just chopping the ingredients and throwing them with dressing, these skewers come together on the grill and are the perfect summer starter to take away.
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5. Mini Strawberry Ice Cream Pies
Crumbly graham cracker crust, warm roasted strawberries, a cold scoop of vanilla. Already sold? Well. Sprinkle some blueberries for a patriotic finishing touch.
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6. Salami, artichoke and ricotta pasta salad
Some classic Italian flavors make a simple but satisfactory pasta salad.
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7. Greek turkey burger with tzatziki sauce
The Greek turkey burger with tzatziki sauce quickly becomes our favorite of all time. It's lighter and tastier than a traditional burger, so it's basically the perfect dinner in warm weather. Eat it with lettuce, fries, fries ... or all three.
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8. Sparkling red, white and blue sangria
Brandy and white wine make this July 4th cocktail a simple sipper. Tip: Use a cookie cutter to punch apple slices into stars.
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9. Mexican Street Corn Dip
Open a batch, grab a bag of tortilla chips and invite a few friends over.
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10. Crispy grilled chicken
Once you've tried these crispy chicken breast fillets, you won't believe they were fully cooked on the grill.
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11. Berry, feta and spinach salad
The most festive summer salad we have ever seen.
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12. Berry-Coconut Rocket Pops
This chic rocket pop of berries and creamy coconut milk is a treat that both children and adults will love.
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13. Cucumber, basil and watermelon salad
You will fall in love with the sparkling soy-ginger dressing, which is mixed with garlic, lime and serrano pepper.
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